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11709Re: CMUCam for Sale! (80C51)

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  • prasandt
    Sep 3, 2002
      --- In SeattleRobotics@y..., "Jack Buffington" <j1432@h...> wrote:
      > Speaking of vision systems, I am thinking of building a vision
      system of my
      > own design. I am thinking that I would like to use a 8051
      processor(s) for
      > this task. Does anyone have a recommendation about a C compiler
      for these
      > chips? Are there compilers that I should stay away from? It
      seems that
      > there are a lot of free compilers out there but I don't want to
      waste time
      > on one that is not that good. Normally I use PIC processors but
      the lure of
      > high MIPS and lots of RAM is tempting.
      > -Jack
      Hey, Jack,
      I have programmed a 80C552(Very similar to 80C51) using Franklins
      Software development environment (C compiler inlcluded). Also I know
      that there is another development environment called Keil Software.
      I in fact got a demo version of it but never used it. With the
      Franklins you even can simulate your program.

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