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11704CMUCam for Sale!

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  • Don Papp
    Sep 1, 2002
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      Hey all, I have a NEW condition, CMUCam for sale! It is assembled and
      fully tested. It is the coolest thing since sliced bread, but I just never
      got around to building the robot head I planned to use it for. Other
      projects have been holding my attention and I'm ready to sell it.

      What is the CMUCam? Check it out:


      More Details, including videos and pictures:

      It's machine-vision simplified, and done via an RS-232 interface. You
      work it like a modem - send it commands, read the ouputs, make it do

      It has MANY useful built-in functions, like motion detection, color
      tracking, and far more too numerous to mention. You can make any of those
      functions operate only on small "windows" of the camera's view, get a
      running count of stats on the image, count the color values, and so much

      And if you're most interested in doing your own vision processing, you can
      dump the video frames to the serial port and crunch the data yourself.

      There is even a "demo" mode where you don't even need to interface it to
      anything! Just feed it power, plug in a normal RC servo, mount the
      camera on a servo, and it will look for a color on startup (it "looks"
      only straight ahead on startup and waits for a color) then tracks it with
      the servo!

      I almost don't want to sell it anymore after thinking of all it can do.


      It retails for 109 USD + S&H and I'm letting it go for 70 USD.
      Assembled and fully tested, in perfect condition!

      Priority Shipping (2-5 days) to anywhere in the USA and Canada is only
      8.50 USD. Slightly more and slower outside the USA and Canada.

      Payment is accepted by bank transfer, money order, certified cheque,
      or PayPal (3% additional charge).

      First come first served. Email me at donp@...!

      Don Papp

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