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10886PCB/Schematic software

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  • David VanHorn
    May 2 8:12 AM
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      I'd like to know if anyone can help me with an evaluation on Protel 99 SE.
      I'm a bit leery of just trusting the sales rep, and I have to make a snap
      decision on new schematic and PCB tools.

      Am I going to be able to run this on both my main system and my portable?

      My main system is an Athlon 2000 with a ton of ram, running XP pro.
      My portable is a Crusoe 700 with 128M, running ME. It would be difficult,
      but possible, to change the OS.
      I have not been able to run the protel demo on the portable.

      Also, I need to know how well it integrates to Pro-E in the sense that our
      mechanical and plastics guys have to give me oddly shaped boards, with
      physical restrictions, and I need Protel to express those limitations to me
      in some rational and easy to deal with manner.

      Finally, any comments on ease of use, problems, gotchas etc would be most
      What I'm using at the moment is Orcad 386 (The dos version)

      I'm in Vancouver at the moment, and will be coming through seattle on
      friday on my way home.
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