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RE: [SearchCoP] Introduction: Walter Underwood

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  • Seth Earley
    Welcome Walter. This is great stuff. Very happy to have you part of the community and sharing your experience and knowledge. Are you attending the Enterprise
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 26, 2007
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      Welcome Walter.  This is great stuff.  Very happy to have you part of the community and sharing your experience and knowledge.


      Are you attending the Enterprise Search Summit in San Jose by any chance?



      Seth Earley

      Cell: 781-820-8080

      Office: 781-444-0287
      Email: seth@...

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      I'm Walter Underwood, currently in charge of search at Netflix.
      I've been in search for over ten years, about nine years of that
      on the Ultraseek enterprise search engine (www.ultraseek. com).
      I estimate Ultraseek was installed at over 10,000 sites during
      that time. Developers were CC'ed on all support questions and
      responses, so I got a very good view of the what our customers
      were really doing with Ultraseek. I worked with the full range
      from tiny sites to IBM, Boeing, HP, and IRS.gov (huge traffic
      on April 14th).

      We are using Apache Solr at Netflix and I'm quite happy with it.
      I'm wrestling with some performance issues right now, but that
      is because we handle 7-10M queries/day on the back end.

      Netflix is a data driven company, so we do A/B testing on
      search changes.

      You can find my occasional musings on my blog:

      http://wunderwood. org/most_ casual_observer/

      One post particularly relevant to search is this one about
      improving search quality. It is about time to update that based
      on what I've been doing at Netflix.

      http://wunderwood. org/most_ casual_observer/ 2006/06/good_ to_great_ search.html

      And one about search behavior. This one led to our impelementing
      search box autocomplete.

      http://wunderwood. org/most_ casual_observer/ 2007/07/searcher s_punt_early. html


    • Bob Bater
      Hi, I m a long-term TaxoCop member interested in the other side of taxonomy, i.e. search and browse. I like to use the term search and browse because I
      Message 2 of 3 , Nov 4, 2007
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        I'm a long-term TaxoCop member interested in the 'other side' of taxonomy, i.e. search and browse. I like to use the term 'search and browse' because I think that that's what people actually do when they are trying to 'find'. Marcia Bates described it quite some time ago. Arguably, browsing is a form of searching, but we tend to use 'search' nowadays in a somewhat restricted sense, rather meaning 'keyword searching'. Anyway, let's not get into that one just now!
        I am an independent consultant based in the UK and describe InfoPlex's services simply as 'advisory and development services in knowledge and information organization'. Obviously, there's no point in organizing knowledge and information unless you're trying to help people find what they want when they want it. (Actually, that's not true; lots of people organize knowledge because it's intellectually stimulating. I'm not one of them. I do find it stimulating, but I do what I do it for very practical reasons.)
        I am also Vice-Chair of the UK chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO UK). I think we in the KO field need to know more about how our efforts (presumably!) translate into an improved search experience and results. That's why I'll be lurking here, and maybe posting a few thoughts from time to time. And I'll be getting some of my colleagues to do the same. Let's hope SearchCop can achieve the same degree of success as TaxoCop.
        Bob Bater
        Vice-chair, ISKO UK
        Principal Associate
        InfoPlex Associates, UK
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