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(Event) Auto Tagging Requirements & Advances

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  • Rebecca Allen
    Invitation Please join us for our monthly Taxonomy Community of Practice Call. This month s topic is Auto Tagging Requirements & Advances. Date: Wednesday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2009
      Please join us for our monthly Taxonomy Community of Practice Call. This month's topic is Auto Tagging Requirements & Advances.

      Date: Wednesday, March 4, 2009
      Time: 1:00 - 2:00 Eastern Time
      Cost: $50 Per Registrant
      For additional details and registration information, visit: http://www.earley.com/_March2009.asp

      You will receive dial-in instructions and slides in advance of the call.

      Session Description
      Auto tagging is one of those areas that has been full of promise, yet fallen short of expectations. Over the years, vendors have developed various approaches to deriving and applying metadata to content but some require more effort (such as development of large training sets) than manual tagging would. However, algorithms have gotten better and engines smarter and there are new approaches to auto tagging that we will explore. Many organizations are realizing that they need more metadata on content and are increasingly investing in these approaches. We'll discuss what works and how to address tagging requirements.

      Even for a taxonomy team that believes in the superiority of human editorial processes, automatic techniques of tagging, extraction, and categorization can offer a critical business advantage in numerous situations. The most obvious is when you have too much information to index using only humans, but how much is too much? And just how far are you willing to trust a machine? Our session presenters will provide business-oriented recommendations about automatic indexing systems: where they come from, how they work, when best to use them, and how new and existing taxonomies can be leveraged or managed to function effectively in an automatic indexing environment.


      Seth Maislin, Taxonomy Consultant , Earley & Associates, Inc.

      Seth is an indexing and information architecture consultant, specializing in the construction of navigable information hierarchies, knowledge retrieval systems, and indexes. He is an industry leader in editorial indexing and search and database keywording.

      Seth is an adjunct instructor at Bentley College, Middlesex Community College, and Simmons College, all in Massachusetts. His acclaimed interactive online-learning indexing course is only one of two in the global industry. Seth served on the national board of the American Society of Indexers, including as president in 2006-7. Prior to joining Earley & Associates, Seth worked with a large variety of clients, such as the United Nations Library, Mattel, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and PeopleSoft. Notable former in-house positions include senior integration manager at Terra Lycos, and senior indexer at O'Reilly & Associates. He has written several articles for professional print and online periodicals.

      Sheia Woo, Senior Linguist & Taxonomy Specialist, Nstein Technologies

      Sheila Woo has extensive expertise in the fields of lexicography, terminology, and information management. As a key member of Nstein's Linguistic Engineering team, she has worked closely with computational linguists and software engineers to design and develop linguistic-based solutions, advising on technical decisions that especially tailor to clients needs. Since joining Nstein in 2002, Woo has been instrumental in the development and deployment of several software solutions such as the patent-pending Named Entity software. Additionally, she has helped design the extraction software for the Korean language and alphabet.

      A graduate of McGill University, Woo is a member of Nstein's Global Professional Services team and has had firsthand experience in helping to build the taxonomies of the world's largest media companies including Reader's Digest, Financial Times, and the Canadian Press.

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      Rebecca Allen
      Taxonomy Consultant
      Cell: 425-299-5400
      Email: rebecca@...
      Web: www.earley.com
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