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95RE: [SearchCoP] Re: Specific search tuning question in FAST ESP

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  • Smith, Lisa
    Feb 6, 2008
      Can't say I have much experience with FAST, but that seems clunky. No utility to say "One word results only", huh? Is there maybe a way in the rules to do a kind of regular expression that looks for a line or field terminator after "snow"? Or at least to say "Find snow without another alphanumeric character or space after or before it? For example, such a matching expression using perl might be /^snow$/ or /^snow(\n|\r|\f)$/ or simply that the string must equal "=" the query rather than be an approximate match "=~" to it.
      Hope that makes sense. I don't know what an equivalent in FAST might be.

      Lisa M. Smith
      Director, Taxonomy


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      I spoke with my search architect on this. He knows FAST about as
      well as anyone I have ever met, including the top engineers at
      FAST. So, here is his response:

      I can't think of anyway to do it via synonyms... only by creating
      the actual queries yourself as follows:

      I'd try using the ONEAR operator and do something like snow ANDNOT
      ONEAR(snow,storm,n=0). The syntax is probalby a little of, but it
      shoudl be close... "find me all the docs with the word snow, but
      exclude the ones with snow within n words of storm.

      If phrase support is enabled on the composite field, then in theory,
      snow ANDNOT "snow storm" should work, but I wouldn't bet the farm on
      it without trying it first.

      Hope this helps,


      --- In SearchCoP@yahoogroups.com <mailto:SearchCoP%40yahoogroups.com> , "schneider_karin" <kschnei1@...>
      > Does anyone have experience with tuning FAST ESP to return only
      hits on
      > exactly one word and specifically exclude the word in another
      > e.g find: "Snow" but result should exclude "snow storm"
      > Can that be handled through exclusions in the synonym dictionary?
      Or is
      > there another way?
      > Thanks for any help anyone may have!
      > Regards,
      > Karin
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