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448Webinar - SharePoint 2013 What Does it Mean for Your Information Architecture?

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  • Sharon
    Jan 18, 2013
      You are invited to join us for this free event on February 6th at 1:00pm EST. All are welcome. Feel free to share.

      Register here: http://bit.ly/SVBUpV

      Description follows

      SharePoint 2013 What Does it Mean for Your Information Architecture?

      Have you already developed a taxonomy, content types and metadata for 2010?

      Are you wondering if you can leverage this work as you upgrade to 2013?

      Or are you planning to migrate from SharePoint 2007 or another platform to 2013?

      In any case, this webinar will provide an important perspective on how to reduce risk and increase the value of SharePoint to your user community.

      Seth Earley (Earley & Associates) introduces the webinar with a discussion of new business solutions enabled by SP 2013. Seth looks at key enhancements for search and collaboration, as well as the portfolio of new tools available building search-based applications.

      Jeff Carr (Microsoft) takes us deeper, exploring the similarities and differences between SharePoint 2010 and 2013 from the perspective of IA design and development. He provides a look at the capabilities 2013 provides for improving relevance and web-parts for integrating content into applications.

      Participants will also learn best practices for preserving and extending your 2010 IA, as you upgrade to SharePoint 2013.