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428Dealing with your company's name in content / search terms

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  • Lee Romero
    May 14, 2012
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      Hi all - on an intranet, it's very likely that one of the most common
      words in the content being indexed for your search is the name of your
      company. I work for Deloitte (technically, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
      Limited, but it's commonly referred to as "Deloitte" even though
      that's not completely accurate) and so the word "Deloitte" appears in
      pretty much just about every piece of content that's indexed in our

      The effect of this is that in our search, "Deloitte" kinds of behaves
      like a stop word. Not technically, but it likely adds so little in
      terms of differentiation of what a user is looking for that it might
      as well be a stop word.

      The challenge I see is that many search terms used by users might also
      contain that word. Often with just one more word - "Deloitte
      Consulting", or "About Deloitte", etc.

      My question: Do you have any good strategies for how to improve the
      search relevance for searches that use very common terms in your
      content, such as your company's name?

      Are manually-managed best bets (or similar functionality) the only alternative?

      Lee Romero
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