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4243-day Hands On SharePoint IA training

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  • Sharon L. Foley
    Dec 27, 2011
      Hi All,

      I want to share with you a unique training opportunity. Classes are coming up in Houston, TX, Arlington, VA, Chicago, IL and Anaheim, CA.

      Title: SharePoint Information Architecture: 3-day Hands on Workshop
      SharePoint 2010 offers tremendous capabilities for improving information access; however, configuring SharePoint effectively requires developing a well-thought out information architecture.  
      This 3-day hands-on course provides a practical introduction to key information architecture concepts and delivers the knowledge needed to apply these concepts to SharePoint 2010.  The course is unique in the level of attention given to content type definition, taxonomy, and metadata.
      You will learn how to:
      · Develop a user-centric information architecture
      · Determine whether to use a taxonomy or folksonomy
      · Define business critical content types
      · Design metadata to optimize search
      · Architect effective term-management governance processes
      Target Audience
      This class is for hands-on SharePoint professionals that need a stronger grounding in information architecture and guidance on how to configure SharePoint to meet IA design requirements.  You do not need to be a SP expert though. This course is mainly about developing information architectures. The hands on lessons put the theory into a SharePoint context and can be handled by anyone with a basic knowledge of SharePoint 2010.
      Cost:   $1995 includes a free copy of MetaVis Architect - a graphical design tool for the creation and deployment of your SharePoint taxonomy, content types and structure.
      Instructors: Seth Earley, CEO, Earley & Associates, Prakash Govind, Senior Consultant, Earley & Associates

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