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414Re: KMers.org Twitter Chat - June 7 topic will be about search

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  • Lee Romero
    Jun 15, 2011
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      Hi all - I don't know if anyone from this community was able to join
      the Twitter chat (I didn't recognize any names among those who were
      "speaking up", but perhaps some lurked), but in case you're interested
      in the conversation that took place, you can read the transcript of
      the event here:


      I have proposed a follow-up discussion (not yet scheduled) to have a
      discussion around how people measure (or would like to measure) the
      success of their search solution - a follow-up to a question that came
      up during the session last Tuesday.

      I will plan to post here when that session is scheduled. In the
      meantime, if you want to voice your opinion on holding that Twitter
      chat, you can visit the following page and vote for it:
      http://www.kmers.org/node/410 . To vote, you'll need to log into the
      KMers.org site.

      Lee Romero

      On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 2:00 PM, Lee Romero <pekadad@...> wrote:
      > Hi all - Next Tuesday, I will be hosting the weekly KMers.org chat session.
      > What is the "KMers.org chat session", you ask?  It's a weekly 1 hour
      > real time chat that happens with anyone on the internet via Twitter -
      > using the #kmers tag.  It feels a lot like a group IM except you can't
      > even tell "who's there".  The best way to experience this (I've found)
      > is through the use of a tool like tweetchat - if, next Tuesday, you
      > want to attend, you can hit:
      > http://tweetchat.com/room/KMers
      > and just "lurk" and watch the conversation.  If you want to take an
      > active part, you'll need to have a Twitter account and post using the
      > #kmers tag (which, if you use tweetchat with the above link, will be
      > automatically added for you).
      > I thought I would post an announcement here because the topic is going
      > to be of interest to this community - "The Importance of Search in
      > your KM Solution".
      > I hope you take some time to take part next Tuesday at 12PM EST!
      > Regards
      > Lee Romero
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