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365Re: [SearchCoP] Acceptable % of no results searches?

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  • Chirag Gandhi
    Jun 3, 2010
      Dear Mary Jo,

      We have started advising clients not to get too hung up about how many 0 results appear, but rather take a more qualitative approach and assess if these searches are really something which they would like to respond to. At the end of the day it is a value engineering decision.
      We present this data as a long-tail and suggest that the client really focus on the top 20% of graph. One caveat is that the data needs to be normalized. We had one particularly difficult case because of a strange product name which was leading to many variations - you need to make sure that these variations are normalized.

      From: Mrs Mary Jo <jborrell@...>
      To: SearchCoP@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thu, 3 June, 2010 22:42:30
      Subject: [SearchCoP] Acceptable % of no results searches?


      I'm wondering if any of you have an 'acceptable' percentage of no results searches that you use as a goal and what that might be. I'm specifically interested in site search, but examples from intranet search would be interesting as well.

      It seems that there will always be searches that don't match content (i.e. someone always searches for a curse word, just for kicks) but I'm wondering if there is a threshold that is more-or-less acceptable.

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