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242Re: Methodology for assessing results from multiple search engines?

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  • Jim
    Sep 17 7:26 AM

      Thanks for the wonderful summary.  We've already selected a vendor,  what we are using this for is to improve the usability of the presentation and confirm enhancements.  There are lot of people out there that quote hearsay or have a predetermined solution in mind.  Your example was perfect... 

      Google is Cuter: Or, "brand names work". One of our Ultraseek customers did a blind kitten war test between Ultraseek and Google. Ultraseek was preferred 75% of the time. Some executive found this hard to believe and asked that they try it again with the logos attached to the pages. The second time, people preferred Google over half the time.

      Thanks for the summary again - I will use some of your ideas in good health. Have virtual coffee on me.

      --- In SearchCoP@yahoogroups.com, Walter Underwood <wunderwood@...> wrote:
      > I finally got around to writing up my comments on A/B testing for evaluating
      > search engines. See my post on ³kitten war² testing:
      > http://wunderwood.org/most_casual_observer/2008/09/search_evaluation_by_kitt
      > en_wa.html
      > wunder

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