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227Re: [SearchCoP] Re: Placement of Best Bets

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  • Walter Underwood
    Aug 4, 2008
      Re: [SearchCoP] Re: Placement of Best Bets
      1. “banner blindness” is a specific case of humans learning to ignore irrelevant input. Humans are excellent at this, so any popular repeated irrelevant element, like the Google sidebar ads, will eventually be ignored.
      2. Banner ads were invented by a search engine, Infoseek, so it is certainly possible for that to happen on search result pages.


      On 8/4/08 2:14 PM, "Jim" <jim.smith@...> wrote:


      Note you are refering to Search and the banner blindness research had one variation.  In the article  http://www.useit.com/alertbox/banner-blindness.html Jakob Nielsen noted he identify that search results is somewhat different.

       "(Several readers have asked whether banner blindness extends to search engine ads. It doesn't: text ads on a SERP get a decent number of fixations. The other exception is classified ads.  ..."

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