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2Getting this list rolling - Some resources

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  • seth_earley
    Oct 5, 2007
      Hi there -

      It's always a chicken and egg thing - these kinds of communities are
      tough to get started - there has to be something there for people to
      use. So we need to "seed" the list and get things going. My hope
      is that we can get some discussions going in preparation for the
      Enterprise Search Summit coming up on the west coast next month.
      Here is a link to that conference:
      pdf is at:

      I am presenting a session on "Semantic Search" and "Search as a
      Platform" with my colleague Ted Sullivan from Raritan Technologies.

      I am going to post a couple of other messages here so don't be
      surprised if you get a short flurry.

      I am also going to send some notifications of this list to others to
      get some energy going.

      More to come!

      Seth Earley