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  • c_gandhi
    Apr 11, 2008
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      We have been doing some very interesting things with the employee
      information and ES:
      1. Improve the relevance of the search results
      2. Improve the reverse intelligence
      3. Interested Party Locator (this locates employees based on
      4. Enable context selection

      --- In SearchCoP@yahoogroups.com, "Tim" <tbwendt@...> wrote:
      > We are looking at adding a People/Employee search to our enterprise
      > search interface and I am looking for input as to what other
      > organziations are doing and what types of features are working, not
      > working and which features are providing the most value.
      > We have about 20,000 employees world wide and that number is
      > quickly. We are are Autonomy shop - not that the vendor is
      > but I've found that using search technology provides a great single-
      > box search across all kinds of employee information versus the more
      > structured SQL searches we are currently using where you are trying
      > to match individual columns in a database table.
      > Of course, we want people to be able to search basic people
      > information such as name, phone, location, title, reporting
      > structure, etc. My question is this; what other things are
      > companies doing in the people search space that can add value?
      > In particular, connecting "people to other people" versus only
      > connecting "people to content." We would like to add some social
      > networking capabilities to the people search such as to allow an
      > employee to tag themselves with content such a profile, their
      > skills, interests, project experience and perhaps a list of
      > web sites. Then a user can click on a skill tag and find other
      > people with the same skills or related skills.
      > We are envisioning moving towards a Facebook, WSS/MOSS MySite or
      > LinkedIn type of employee interface. The goals would be:
      > * connect new employees into the organization
      > * find people with related, professional interests
      > * find experts
      > * find people that need to be engaged in a project or process
      > Make sense? Is anyone on this group doing or seeing anything
      > interesting in this space that they might elaborate on?
      > Thanks
      > Tim Wendt
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