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  • Jim
    Apr 9, 2008
      The company I work for has about 50,000 people in our employee
      directory which handles our employees access to their directory
      services and public people soft information which includes a section
      where employees can list their business attributes.

      We have our search engine indexed the key fields of the employee
      directory. If an employee enter 2 words, the search will check if
      their are any matches (or near matches ) to persons first name (or
      middle) name in first position and last name for the second position.

      We also have a name thesaurus file of a few hundred names so if you
      look for James smith you also can find Jim Smith and if you look for
      Daryl you also will look for Darrel etc.

      We display these result in an employee listing separate from the
      standard search results which displays the employees full name,
      personalized job title and email link and phone number. If you click
      on the persons name it is linked to the employees full employee
      public profile in the employee directory.

      --- In SearchCoP@yahoogroups.com, "Tim" <tbwendt@...> wrote:
      > We are looking at adding a People/Employee search to our enterprise
      > search interface and I am looking for input as to what other
      > organizations are doing and what types of features are working, not
      > working and which features are providing the most value.
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