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115Re: [SearchCoP] Re: People Search

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  • Richard Wiggins
    Mar 2, 2008
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      Yes, indeed, I do find it interesting!  I tried your sample search out and it does do an impressive job of parsing. 
      I was able to fool it with this query:
         Dr. Oscar de la Cruz  29/2/56 48864
      It came up with a family name of 
      and an age of 29, and it didn't parse out the postal code. 
      As you say, we always encounter boundaries.  :-)

      On Sun, Mar 2, 2008 at 7:19 AM, Tony Rose <tgr@...> wrote:


      > If you figure out a foolproof algorithm that allows free-form
      searches and
      > handles compound names, multiple middle names, Van Dyke versus
      > names with apostrophes, foreign names, and nicknames, would you
      please send
      > it along? :-)

      You might find the following of interest:


      It's a .NET control for the searching of patient records, i.e. it
      accepts various demographic details in a single search box then
      parses them to do a structured lookup. Obviously the use case is
      somewhat different to the one suggested by Tim, as this control is
      aimed at searching patient records in a national database rather than
      staff records in a corporate database.

      And as you'll see, it's far from foolroof, but it nonetheless
      illustrates how far you can go with just simple regexes under the
      hood. For example, I tried it with "Dr Rich Wiggins 35 1000 lakeside
      parkway 12/01/1980" and it did a reasonable job, but you'll soon find
      the boundary cases if you vary this a little.

      The UI design guidance that accompanies this lives at:


      but note that this is heavily geared toward the requirements of
      information governance, privacy, etc. (as you'd expect with patient

      Best regards,

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