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  • Sally Catlin
    Mar 17 12:34 PM
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      Hi one and all.  Happy St. Patricks Day, and thank you soooo much to my secret pal who had a balloon toting package sent to the courthouse with a bundle of lovely springtime fat quarters....and sparkly buttons.    SO very pretty.  Thank you, I love them!
      I am off to the coast for the weekend with a couple of girlfriends.  I'm being a little paranoid here but my phone number is 509-289-0056.  If anyone hears of a Tsunami warning for the west coast just give me a call..ok?  We can probably hear sirens from where we are (Ocean Shores) but I just cant be sure.....you can all stop laughing at me!!!
      So what are we doing for the Christmas blocks...signatures?  Not? traditional? Not?  Or everyone does what they want but keep them on point?
      So here's my vote...Keep on point, everyone does what they want after that......
      I'll catch up with everyone next week.  Have a good one.
      And secret sis..WHOEVER YOU ARE.....YOU DID GOOD!!!


      To: Seam_Rippers@yahoogroups.com
      From: charismah@...
      Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 03:27:34 +0000
      Subject: [Seam_Rippers] Hi Girls!

      I am finally part of the group! YAY! I got a yahoo email..and then was able to link this to me msn email(which I actually check)....I also spelled my name wrong on my yahoo ID...so I hope I remember it..LOL.

      I got all of my fabric for my Christmas blocks all ready in a pile...looking at me and reminding me that I have to have them done by July.....:)

      I also want to send a BIG THANK YOU! To my secret sister for leaving fabric at the patch just for me! YAY!

      I hope you are all having a wonderful evening!

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