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9Re: [Scoutradio] Re: HAM RADIO AT CAMP Pamphlet idea?

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  • Jon Blatman
    Jul 15, 2002
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      As a current Life Scout and a Tech-class ham I have seen many of the
      situations talked about recently on the list.

      I think that the Radio Chit is a GREAT idea, and the 30-60 minute class
      that is required for it would be able to be presented at my council camp
      along with the totin' chit as part of the "new scout" program

      I also agree that SOMETHING should be done to regulate and educate the
      scouts, and camp staff in paticular, that all radios are not created
      equal. if someone teaches the scouts that they are tools, no toys, our
      lives will be easier.

      I have been to several major scouting events recently, and the troops that
      have had FRS radios have scouts running around with tem, cursing at other
      troops, and generally being unscoutlike. We should do whatever we can to
      keep that from becoming everyones' impression of amateur radio.

      Jon Blatman

      Life Scout without a troop, Chester County, PA

      --- Bob Bruninga <bruninga@...> wrote:
      > On Sat, 13 Jul 2002, Jon Pearl W4ABC wrote:
      > > boy coming up through the ranks. A 'radio chit' would really add
      > legitimacy
      > > to operations in those areas where radio ops are presently frowned
      > upon
      > > largely due to ignorance.
      > Ah, the clincher comment! Yes, I loved the CHIT idea but then thought
      > it
      > might appear draconian. But Jon's comment that the chit would only be
      > reuqired at those locations "where radio ops are presently fronwned
      > upon".. is the idea that makes it seamlessly slide into the mainstream.
      > In other words, the CHIT is not reuqired where radios are currently
      > permitted. But by having the communicators coupon as part of the
      > concept,
      > it allows a mechanism to get radio authorized where it currently is
      > not...
      > But in any case, I think our long term goal is to everntually make sure
      > it
      > IS REQUIRED.
      > I have NEVER seen a kid use an FRS radio as anything other than a
      > noisemaker unless he has first been instrcuted in its proper use. Our
      > LONGTERM goal is to make sure the airwaves dont become a wasteland by
      > having everyone be properly instructed...
      > de WB4APR, Bob

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