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  • Mike Tibbits
    Aug 29, 2004
      My name's Mike Tibbits and i'm 15 years old.  My QTH is the town of Northampton in England, UK (Approx 100Km/60Miles North of London). My Call is M3CET and I am active on Echolink as call M3CET (node # - 96317).  I got involved with Ham Radio through the Northampton Scout Amateur Radio Group (www.nsarg.co.uk).  I have operated at two JOTAs and will be operating the station GB4NDS along with the rest of the team at NSARG.  I'm looking to create a Youth Net on Echolink which will be suitable for European Youth Stations to operate on, e.g. Saturdays at 1900 GMT, so as soon as anything comes through I will post about it.
      Any way, hello to you all, and I look forward to speaking to you on the air sometime soon!
      Ciao & 73!
      Mike, M3CET 

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