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  • w1nra
    Aug 24, 2002
      I added several new photos. I hope they are not out of date. It's
      been a while since I was envolved with a scout group.
      I did hear a talk recently about Venture scouting and it seems to be
      so far removed from traditional scouting that I wonder if the guys
      and gals have the fun and enjoyment that we got from scouting when I
      was younger. I remember camping (at Fort Benning Georgia) and it
      rained hard all night and the tents leaked and most of us slept while
      sitting up in the center of the tents and ate cold food from cans but
      I also remember how much we enjoyed it regardless of conditions. I'll
      never forget those fun times and what they meant to us all at the
      time and for most of us the rest of our lives too.

      Maybe I'll get into another group and again enjoy it as I did then.
      BUT there won't be any sleeping on the ground and in the rain. I
      wouldn't be able to get up in the morning. They would have to carry
      me off if I did.

      Jerry Hemby
      W1NRA--Amateur Radio Call Letters