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11Re: [ScoutRadioYouth] Re: [Scoutradio] Re: HAM RADIO AT CAMP Pamphlet idea?

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  • Jon Blatman
    Jul 17, 2002

      do you recive the regular ScoutRadio list, or Just the ScoutRadioYouth list? this has been an ongoing discussion on the regular list - I just cross-posted my support message to both lists.


        Frosty6981@... wrote:

      I just recently got back form a high adventure that my troop did.  During this trip I had a chance to demonstrate the power and weakness of both CB and Ham radio. (Yes, we still use CB) I also took a 2 m transceiver in to the back country for emergencies and to communicate with the other two crews that had a Ham in them.  This demonstration interested my scoutmaster and showed him that Ham radio is not just another toy like a CD player or something like that.  He also got to see how not licensing kept us from communicating.  The interference was not "skip" but was from our own scouts just playing on the CB's.  I think that he would be all for a Radio Chit because it would serve as a "license."  Those who abuse the privilege will have the chit taken away and without it any radio that scout has could be viewed and confiscated as a CD player or a Game Boy would. 

      I would be willing to help push for a Radio Chit, just let me know how I can help

      Just my two cents

      Reid Crowe, KC�IDI
      Eagle Scout
      ASPL of Troop 59

      In a message dated 7/15/02 3:10:50 PM Central Daylight Time, jbetype@... writes:

      Subj:[ScoutRadioYouth] Re: [Scoutradio] Re: HAM RADIO AT CAMP Pamphlet idea?
      Date:7/15/02 3:10:50 PM Central Daylight Time
      To:scoutradio@yahoogroups.com, scoutradioyouth@yahoogroups.com
      Sent from the Internet

      As a current Life Scout and a Tech-class ham I have seen many of the
      situations talked about recently on the list.

      I think that the Radio Chit is a GREAT idea, and the 30-60 minute class
      that is required for it would be able to be presented at my council camp
      along with the totin' chit as part of the "new scout" program

      I also agree that SOMETHING should be done to regulate and educate the
      scouts, and camp staff in paticular, that all radios are not created
      equal. if someone teaches the scouts that they are tools, no toys, our
      lives will be easier.

      I have been to several major scouting events recently, and the troops that
      have had FRS radios have scouts running around with tem, cursing at other
      troops, and generally being unscoutlike. We should do whatever we can to
      keep that from becoming everyones' impression of amateur radio.

      Jon Blatman

      Life Scout without a troop, Chester County, PA

      73, Reid KC�IDI

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