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Re: 20 Meter JOTA CW and PSK31 Conflict

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  • kr1zan
    Hi all, I would argue that you re both correct. CW demonstrations are a lot of fun for the kids, especially when it s a no pressure personal challenge.
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 28, 2003
      Hi all,

      I would argue that you're both correct. CW "demonstrations" are a
      lot of fun for the kids, especially when it's a no pressure personal
      challenge. When CW is used for an actual on the air contact, the
      Scouts have no practical idea what's going on, they're spectators,
      not actual participants. They must take you at your word that the
      beeps and bonks truly represent what they asked you to send. It's
      kinda like watching a rock grow. I like the use of voice or keyboard
      for Scout to Scout contacts.

      Similar to CW GET that the ARRL used at a teacher's workshop, we
      often use HamScope or some other tools so the kids can try sending
      Morse and the computer interprets what they're sending. This is
      especially useful when you don't have operators who are skilled at CW
      themselves. A computer off to the side can be a lot of fun for kids
      to try -- send their name, etc.

      I would advocate that we get rid of the "calling frequencies" list
      and recommend the use of Technician, Tech Plus and General Class
      portions of the bands for JOTA. For other Scouting events, use
      whatever prearranged frequency makes sense for the two groups.
      The "calling frequencies" invariably fall on an existing QSO or Net.

      In the end, it all boils down to what equipment you have, what
      license class you have and what skills you have. Then, do the best
      to demo Ham Radio and get the Scouts on the air. When we have some
      bureaucracy dictating the frequencies to use and we get too wrapped
      up in the legalities then it stops being fun and the kids suffer. A
      lot of Hams I know are scared away from JOTA and Radio Scouting
      because of the guidelines (for those who are old hands at JOTA, etc.,
      take a look at the WOSM Radio Scouting pages, or the ARRL JOTA pages,
      and you'll see lots of words, which aren't needed for a local third
      party FM repeater contact). I usually work with them to make contact
      on a local repeater or simplex VHF/UHF frequency -- and we all have

      73, Frank KR1ZAN
      Advisor Venturer Crew 73 - K5BSA
      Garland, TX

      --- In scoutradio@yahoogroups.com, "kb1flr" <kb1flr@h...> wrote:
      > Hi John,
      > I would respectfully disagree with your statements regarding the
      > of CW. CW IS available to Technicians. Look at the bandplans. All
      > and UHF allocations have sub bands for CW and SSB and Technicians
      > have full rights and privileges in these areas. Just because CW is
      > not required for a Tech license does not mean it cannot be used.
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