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World Scout Jamboree ARISS Contact Rescheduled

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  • kr1zan <kr1zan@arrl.net>
    From the ARISS Web site (http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ariss/news/arissnews.txt): (de KR1ZAN) World Scout Jamboree 2003, Sattahip, Thailand, Direct via E20AJ
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30 7:57 AM
      From the ARISS Web site
      (http://www.amsat.org/amsat/ariss/news/arissnews.txt): (de KR1ZAN)

      "World Scout Jamboree 2003, Sattahip, Thailand, Direct via E20AJ
      Contact Tuesday 2002-12-31 07:27 UTC (***)
      Don Pettit is the scheduled astronaut.
      Good luck Scouts and Don!"

      "The contact scheduled for 2002-12-28 08:40 was not successful due to
      a crew schedule conflict."

      Live audio at http://www.worldscout.pacific.net.th/

      "Here are the proposed questions for the World Scout Jamboree.
      1. How do you eat your food? How is it cooked?
      2. Do you think the camping skill is useful as astronauts?
      3. What are you doing to maintain your health?
      4. What is the first thing you want to do when you come back to the
      5. Do you think that the earth is still blue?
      6. How do you find time for your family or loved ones and how do you
      communicate with them?
      7. Astronauts are dedicated, patient, and under constant pressure,
      how do you handle all the demands on yourself?
      8. What are you feeling from living in space?
      9. If you were to meet Thai people, what would you like to ask them?
      10. May I have your message to the scouts?
      11. What was the most delightful thing as astronaut?
      12. Do you want your children to become astronaut like you?
      13. How can I be the astronaut like you?
      14. How do you obtain fresh water, is there big tank?
      15. How does the lack of gravity affect the body and how do you
      manage it?
      16. How do you take a bath?
      17. How is the temperature in the space station maintained? What is
      the outside temperature?
      18. If the ISS slip from its orbit, how would you take it back to the
      right position?
      19. When you left the earth, did any cosmic rays affect you and how?
      20. Do you feel something great in the space?"
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