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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    ... From: Terry Bartholomew NQ4Y To: Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 11:52 AM ... to ... I remember you telling me about it
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 1999
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      From: Terry Bartholomew NQ4Y <nq4y@...>
      To: <w4abc@...>
      Sent: Monday, August 16, 1999 11:52 AM

      > Hello Jon,
      > > We are putting together a UHF - VHF system as you describe for
      > > Running along the west coast of Florida, all of the Spokes simply have
      > >hit the centrally located Hub
      > This is very cool! Perhaps you have heard, we are doing something similar
      > in Tennessee. While not specifically for scouting, one of the machines is
      > for scouting and the hub site is used by scouts at scouting events.

      I remember you telling me about it Terry.

      > I'm interested in hearing your specific details and how it all works out.
      > I'll be using a GE Mastr II, running about 60 watts to a set of db
      > 6 cavity band-reject duplexers. I'm planning on using the NHRC controller
      > for controlling the hub.

      I am of the opinion that you will find certain types of controllers
      "populating" given area's of the country, as word of mouth plays a big part.
      There are a mixture of controllers around here on the west coast of Florida,
      not the least of which are the "MCC" RC-100's and RC-1000V's. Seeing as
      they are manufactured right down the road from us, it's easy to talk with
      Ron (N9EE) who owns the company.

      There is a fair mixture of GE Mastr ll's around here, and although I am
      aware that NHRC makes a nifty controller that plugs right into the M ll, I
      can't think of one system around here, using one. The other radio of choice
      seems to be the Motorolover Micor, and that is in fact what we are using for
      the ScoutRadio hub as well as the "spokes" that will fill the outlying
      areas. The hub is utilizing the services of an RLC-2A. (No discounts for
      Scouting, so don't bother asking, unless it's for quantity purchases. Yeah
      right!) On the other hand, Ron at MCC has been very helpful, as well as Len
      at R-T Systems in Brandon Florida. Scouting gets a discount, and that's
      from the top of their organization!

      The hub repeater will connect to our 6 meter, 2
      > meter system via a remote base port on the CAT RBS card.

      I have both 6 meter and 10 meter remote bases on a non-Scouting repeater
      that I have. They are a lot of fun to use, but for now, we're just trying
      to get the linked UHF-VHF system up and running over the next couple of
      seasons. We got time to get crazy later!

      The hub can be
      > disconnected from the primary system without loss of connectivity to the
      > other systems in the network. I'm planning on a low pitch CW Tone and to
      > use the minimal level meeting FCC regulations.
      > I'm waiting on SERA approval (they suggested the frequency, haven't gotten
      > their approval yet :) ), then we will start with the construction.

      It's sort of a double edged sword, living on a peninsula... We don't have
      any neighboring states to coordinate with, either East, West, or South, but
      then again, owing to the fact that the state is only 150 miles wide, does
      call for close coordination from within the state. Our own coordinating
      body, the "Florida Repeater Council" has a program that will allow us to
      tell instantly (okay, when they get back to you...) whether you are too
      close to a co-channel user for a given frequency.

      I have
      > bought everything but the NHRC controller and the antenna. I have an old
      > controller that I could use, however I hate to use that nice of a
      > for something so simple. I could also build some of the simple STAMP
      > controllers and probably do just as well, the requirements are minimal
      > (timer, id, ptt and 1 input) as the primary system handles the
      > Let me know how your system goes. I'd be interested to know if you have
      > plans for "super wide coverage" links during JOTA...

      Well not for me! Every other year, we do a council encampment where there
      is a large contingent of Radio Amateurs present (many are on this list).
      This year, it will be the individual districts turn. I have in fact done it
      on my own in years past, and it's a great time, but all consuming. This
      year I was asked if I could teach some of the emergency medicine portions of
      the "Wilderness Survival Merit Badge" in a round robin fashion. I have
      never taught for this badge before, but it should be a cool one. We will
      again have the help of our own "Citizen Soldiers" the National Guard,
      setting up large tents for each of our MB check off stations. The entire
      weekend will be aimed at the completion of this MB, with a certain amount of
      "prerequisites" completed before the camporee. We'll be in the Green Swamp
      Preserve, swatting mosquitoes by nightfall. Especially those who are
      actually taking the MB, without mosquito bar's.

      Our Hamfest season is just about to get started here Terry. We're a little
      backwards from the rest of the country, as it's just too hot to do in the
      summer months. This will be our first season where we will be at the 'fests
      working for our system. We will be trying to round up supporters dollars,
      as well as used - beat and abused stuff to resell. It's all like work, but
      it's good work. When we look at where we were... 0 repeaters a year ago,
      and now we have a VHF-UHF hub and one VHF spoke, that's more than the
      average Hamgoon owns.

      I'll close for now. Let us all know when you get your coordination and get
      your box up and running. Hopefully it will inspire others to put Scouting
      systems on the air for that next generation of Shortwave users.

      > -Terry NQ4Y

      73, Jon Pearl W4ABC

      PS- We're up to 32 listmembers.

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