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"Circle-4" for On Target and for kidnapped ELIZABETH SMART!

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  • n7tek
    Hello fellow Scouters, HAMs, and others interested in On Target! It s June 6th and we are 44 days out from Operation On Target on Sat., July 20th, 2002. We
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      Hello fellow Scouters, HAMs, and others interested in On Target!
      It's June 6th and we are 44 days out from "Operation On Target" on Sat., July 20th, 2002.  We already have 27 teams that have registered for a peak (click on the "Registered Peaks" link to see who has registered and to click on a peak to bring up a map of the registered peaks or other high points in that area).  To make On Target a real success we need many-many more to sign up from around the western U.S. (or even the eastern U.S. or else where - if there are those that want to start On Target in areas that have not participated so far).  Please signup early by visiting the On Target website (link below) and click on the "Sign-up" link near the top of the page:
      There is lots of information on the above website covering the basics about On Target.  We would encourage those wanting to participate in On Target to adapt it to meet the needs in their area.   
      I spoke with Doug Brewer (the father of "Operation On Target (1973)" - see the history at http://home.attbi.com/~mdtaylormd/ot0103.htm ) the other day and he mentioned something called the "Circle-4" program that they used to do with On Target.  Basically back before the days of email and the Internet each team participating in On Target would recruit 4 other teams to cover other peaks (or high points) around them (ideally on the 4 points of the compass - north, south, east, & west).  Then those 4 teams would each recruit 4 more teams, and so on until soon quite a network of teams has been created.  The major advantage that I can see in this is that there are lots of Varsity Teams and Venturing Crews out there that have never participated in On Target and they don't know how FUN it can be (NOTE: we try to reserve this event for older Scouts because climbing a mountain requires a certain level of fitness and commitment but again adapt it to meet the needs of your local area).  I also know that there are several Amateur Radio (HAM) operators out there that look forward to On Target each year and either participate with their local team or on their own with other HAM friends (some even participate by signaling with mirrors from their own backyard to teams on nearby peaks - it could be a good introduction to Radio or the fal JOTA event).  I would like to encourage ALL of you to participate (whether you climb a mountain or not) and encourage other teams or your friends to participate as well - the "Circle-4" approach.
      I would also like you to use the "Circle-4" approach on behalf of a kidnapped 13 year old girl named "Elizabeth Smart" who was kidnapped yesterday from her home in Salt Lake City, UT.  I've appended some information about her to the bottom of this message and I would appreciate it if you would share this information with "4" others via email or print out the information and give it to 4 others.  There is currently a $250,000 reward being offered for information about Elizabeth's whereabouts  or about her abductor.
      Mesa District (Arizona) On Target website:
      Mike Taylor's UT National Parks Council website: 
      Ore-Ida Council On Target website:
      Great Salt Lake Council (UT) On Target site:
      Snake River Council (ID) On Target site:
      This website is dedicated to the preservation and furtherance of the art of
      HELIOGRAPHY, or using mirrors for communications. Because the site contains
      considerable material on the heliograph and will be regularly updated, you
      may want to bookmark it for further reference:
      Bob Bruninga's On Target info site:
      Thank you for your time!  I hope to see you sign up!
      John Blackham, N7TEK            
      HOME: 384 North 75 East, North Salt Lake, UT, USA 84054-2320
      PHONE: (H) 801-295-3036         E-MAIL:
      "bsa_on_target@yahoogroups.com" list owner
      Post message:      bsa_on_target@yahoogroups.com
      Subscribe:         bsa_on_target-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      List owner:        bsa_on_target-owner@yahoogroups.com
      ON Target webpage: http://www.ontargetbsa.org
      Forgot your password? You can have your password emailed to you
      by going to the following page and entering your registered
      email address:
      Please pass this information on to everyone you know!
      Have you seen 13 year old ELIZABETH SMART? 
      INFO FROM:
      Nonfamily Abduction

      DOB: nov-03-1987
      Missing: jun-05-2002
      Age Now: 14 years
      Sex: F
      Hair: Blonde
      Eyes: Blue
      Height: 5'6" - 168 cm
      Weight: 100 lbs - 45 kg
      Missing From:

      Both photos are of Elizabeth. She was abducted from her bedroom at gunpoint by an unknown man at approximately 2:00 a.m. on June 5, 2002. The abductor is described as a White male, with dark hair and wearing a white jacket and a white baseball cap. Elizabeth was wearing red pajamas.
      National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
      1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST)
      Salt Lake City Police Department (Utah) 1-801-799-3000
      $250,000 Reward is now being offered for valid information - see:

      KIDNAPPED: Elizabeth Smart
      Tip Hotline: 800-932-0190 (toll free) or 801-799-3000

      Victim Description
      14 year old girl
      Hair: Blonde
      Eyes: Blue
      Clothes: red pajamas
      Height: 5'6" - 168 cm
      Weight: 100 lbs - 45 kg

      DOB: nov-03-1987
      Missing: jun-05-2002
      Sex: F
      Missing From:

      Suspect Description
      caucasian man
      5' 8"
      dark hair
      light jacket
      light baseball hat

      Please click on a photo to enlarge:
      Age 14
       At age 14
      Age 13
       At age 13
      Age 13
       At age 13
      Age 12
       At age 12
      Age 12
       At age 12
      A $250,000 reward is being offered for information about the disappearance of 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart, who was allegedly taken from the her home at gunpoint early Wednesday morning from the Federal Heights area.

      WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please click here to print a flyer to circulate.

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