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Re: BSA Prohibits all Radios?

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  • Bob Bruninga
    I called BSA headquarters and asked about adding FRS and CELL phones to the radio merit badge, and they got quite huffy that they only upgrade merit badges
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 7, 1999
      I called BSA headquarters and asked about adding FRS and CELL phones to
      the radio merit badge, and they got quite huffy that they only upgrade
      merit badges once every 10 years or so and that there is so much going on
      in radio, that it is too hard to change it.

      Sort of a crazy circular argument, but it was clear that someone willhave
      to invest quite a bit of time to work it through. I put such a project on
      my list of "some day when I find time..." hi hi


      On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, George A.
      Makrauer wrote:

      > An objective to benefit the Scouts (and the hobby) would be for BSA to implement
      > a Merit Badge or other program or whatever (been long, long, long time since I
      > was a Scout) based on Amateur Radio. Not only could line of sight comms be part
      > of it, but the ability to provide international Internet email capability via HF
      > or V/UHF links (and a whole host of other outdoor comms; emergency and
      > convenience) would be right up the Scouts' alley (or trail), so to speak.
      > GAM w4tif
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      > Subject: BSA Prohibits all Radios?
      > Here is an item reported to me that we "radio Scouts" should investigate
      > in our Councils too:
      > > ..... a rule in the Philmont trek preparation book about not taking cell
      > > phones OR any kind of radio out on the trails there.
      > I too found a prohibition against "any Radios" in our local Council
      > camping rule book. But to me, it clearly meant no Radios, Walkmans, Disk
      > players or other NOISE makers. Headphones are no exception; the hikers
      > are supposed to be "in tune" with their environment, not RAP music.
      > But in my case, the camp staff was overjoyed at having HAM radios or FRS
      > radios for communications.
      > But this points out one of our tasks. That is to get the words clarified
      > to reflect the no noise-or-distractions intent, rather than just outlawing
      > all radios.
      > We must take an activist role. Because of the above rule at Philmont, an
      > entire troop of mostly HAM scouts, were affraid to take their radios with
      > them. What a waste. But I can understand their decision. Scouts abide
      > by rules. If the rule says "no radios" then they have no choice.
      > If the rule at Philmont or other Camps is truely intended to prohibit all
      > Electronic communication, including HAM and 2 way radio, then that is one
      > issue. But if it is just an oversight, we must take an active role to
      > change the wording. If we dont do it, no one will...
      > By the way. THere is a difference between cell phones and radios in this
      > context. A cell phone brings in the entire world of business,
      > entertainment, work, family, friends, worries, and problems onto the
      > trail. I can see that such an intrusion is not desired on a wilderness
      > hike. I do not object to a ban on Cell phones. But a 2 way line-of-sight
      > radio has no such "distraction" value. Its only use is in communicating
      > about the HIKE at hand and emergencies.
      > de WB4APR, Bob


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