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RE: [scoutradio] Maine news

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  • Hampton, Rickey
    Milt, Thanks for beating me to the punch, so to speak. This is a commonly misunderstood part of the regulations and bears elucidation for everyone s benefit.
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      Thanks for beating me to the punch, so to speak. This is a commonly
      misunderstood part of the regulations and bears elucidation for everyone's

      This is also the way we operate our local club station, W4BFB, located at
      the Discovery Place Science Museum. (Much to the chagrin of my wife,
      daughter, and son, KG4GMJ, KG4GVS, and KG4QKX, respectively, it's also the
      way we operate at home. They have HF privileges ONLY when Dad is home and
      then only with countries with which we have third-party agreements.)

      I think we all agree that Amateur Radio is a GREAT hobby to introduce to
      Scouts. There are enough legitimate contacts out there, and it's easy
      enough to verify them, that it's not worth getting yourself, or another
      licensee, into trouble. Remember, while the FCC may be willing to look the
      other way, the DX operator's government may NOT be so forgiving. Sadly,
      there is enough unrest in the world that some countries still see amateur
      radio as a curse, not a blessing. I'd hate to think that in my enthusiasm
      to enrich the hobby, I wound up putting some poor soul in jail, or worse.

      Rickey L. Hampton, WD8KEL
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      Be careful! The earlier reference only mentions a message coming from a
      country but it does not spell out the full third party rules. The FCC
      rules do state that the "First Party" is the local Control Operator, the
      "Second Party" is the Control Operater on the other end of the
      conversation. Any traffic to/from any other person is a "Third Party".
      The only waiver of this rule is if the "Third Party" is, in fact, eligible
      to control the Amateur Station. This means that someone with a Technician
      License is a Third Party if operating on 20 meters under supervision of
      the Control Operator since the Tech cannot be the Control Operator of that
      station. Had the FCC stated "Operator" and not "Control Operator", the
      meaning would be much different.

      K2BSA at the National Jamboree was very careful to not permit guest
      operators to talk with stations in countries with no Third Party Tariff
      with the US. In fact, meetings were held daily where this was mentioned.
      If a station was contacted with no 3rd party agreement, the Control
      Operator took over the conversation.

      Here is the FCC information and explaination:


      There is a link from that page to the actual rules, if you want to go that

      Milt Forsberg, K9QZI
      Champaign, IL
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