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Re: [scoutradio] Summer Camp

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  • Fred Stevens K2FRD
    While I m now retired as Fishing and Radio Program Directors from Henderson (Crumhorn) Scout Reservation, I expect I ll spend a little pre-Camp time helping my
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 6, 2002
      While I'm now retired as Fishing and Radio Program Directors from
      Henderson (Crumhorn) Scout Reservation, I expect I'll spend a little
      pre-Camp time helping my Fishing replacement set up. Whilst I'm up
      there, I suspect I'll do a little portable operation (TS-50, 100w
      using hamsticks and/or Camp's CB vertical). Maybe we could set up a
      calling frequency for Scout Camps and Scouters? To my knowledge, this
      has never been done before, not counting JOTA. I might suggest 28.680
      or 24.960. Other frequencies? Times (e.g. Wednesdays at 2300Z)?

      In response to Alan's question, my Camp doesn't have a station except
      for myself (the only active HF ham on Staff) and a couple
      Scoutmasters who bring in their gear for the week. When I ran the
      Radio Program at the Fishing Program Area, my gear was set up and
      operational right in the middle of the pavilion on a picnic table. It
      drew a LOT of attention from Scouts, Scouters, parents, and Staff,
      even during Sundays when the pavilion was used for health reviews
      during the checkin process.

      I would certainly like to see a Scout Camp to Scout Camp network
      established. With OCARG (see Signature below), we have our own
      callsign (at the moment, KC2IQA) and are expecting our vanity
      callsign any day now, anthrax notwithstanding.

      73 de Fred

      At 12:38 -0500 06/03/2002, Alan Stumpf wrote:
      >Well believe it or not Boy and Girl Scout summer camps will be opening in
      >under 3 months (for those who live in the northern hemisphere I guess). What
      >do your local camps have planned in the area of Amateur Radio? Are the
      >Scouts interested? What kind of equipment do you use/or plan to use? Any
      >problems? Radio Merit Badge (check the requirments they have changed)?
      >Well now is the time to start planning so share the wealth of information.
      >Plus this will get the list active again!
      >Alan Stumpf, KB3DHC
      >NHARC JOTA Chairman
      >Assistant Scoutmaster TR 377
      >Greater Pittsburgh Council

      73, Fred Stevens K2FRD
      Chenango Co. (NY) Assistant Emergency Coordinator
      Foothills District, Otschodela Council BSA Committees
      Otschodela Council Amateur Radio Group http://www.ascent.net/thefred/ocarg.htm
      K2FRD Personal Adventure page: http://www.ascent.net/thefred/K2FRD.htm
      Fred's newest toy: http://www.ascent.net/thefred/M1911A1.htm .
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