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Double kite-train antenna

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  • n9zrt
    Hi fellow Scouts. To the Moderator, I hope you don t mind me sharing this. I have to share the fun. We used two loadlifting kites on one line in light wind to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002
      Hi fellow Scouts.

      To the Moderator, I hope you don't mind me sharing this. I have to
      share the fun. We used two loadlifting kites on one line in light
      wind to lift a wire. It worked so slick!

      Our kite-train worked like a well greased gear! Other folks do kite
      trains all the time. A first for me. Pardon the enthusiasm.

      The wind was so mild [5 mph] in Green Bay, I drove 20 miles to the
      Western shore of Lake Michigan hoping it would be better. It was, but
      still only 6-8 mph.

      We had to try!

      Here is how we did the train, and without it, one kite would not have
      lifted the 500 pound test line [Yes, I could have used lighter line]
      let alone the wire. With two kites, up it all went!

      See this picture...


      Here is how we launched the kites and wire, one person style...

      1.) With both kites assembled, we walked the kite line and wire away
      from the anchor point [car] about 50 feet downwind.

      2.) We attached theDouble French Military Kite at the end of the line
      using the "Lark's Head Knot" and added the strobe with velcro.


      3.) Moving down the line 10 feet toward the anchor point, we attached
      a latching-snap to the line using a Lark's Head Knot. Then attached
      the Cody Pro's bridle to the snap.


      4.) We made a loop in the main line and velcroed the end of the wire
      to it, around the egg-insulator we had on the end of the wire [As
      seen in many other pictures].

      5.) We the took the slack out of the line, held the end kite in the
      air [The Cody sat like a patient dog on the pavement, alone], waited
      for wind, and let go. Up they both went, wire and all. Amazing! In
      this picture it is hard to tell, but the blue, white and black kite
      [Cody Pro] is 10 feet lower than the Double French Military.


      Here is the line and wire leaving the spools and going skyward over
      the harbor of Kewaunee, Wisconsin. It was this same harbor that gave
      birth to the USS Pueblo in the middle of WWII...


      Here are both kites at 500 feet. The lower vertical mast in the
      foreground is the AM/FAM car radio antenna. The taller antenna is my
      102 inch whip, disconnected at this point.


      The wind began to die down as sunset approached, leaving the line and
      wire touching the ground. It was soon time to reel in, or do some ice-


      I was graced with unknown visitors. Brian and his family had seen the
      kites from the highway 1/2 mile away and went out of their way to my
      remote location to find out what we were up to. We paused a couple of
      contacts and got out to explain the fun to them. More than one
      station, including Budd, W3FF, greeted them by name on the air.
      Strangers no more, we await email from them so they can see their


      The real lifter of the day, the Double French Military rests from her
      labors during dusk with the strobe visable, whilst the operator began
      packing things up...


      A great time was had!


      David H. Hatch - N9ZRT, "Zesty Red Tomatoes"
      oslc@... - Green Bay, Wisconsin
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