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Re: [scoutradio] JOTA Reports

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  • Richard A. Blank
    Clay, Some are not aware of the BSA s site. You should have received information that I sent to the list to get you to the form. Here is the url to the BSA s
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 8, 2001
           Some are not aware of the BSA's site.  You should have received information that I sent to the list to get you to the form.  Here is the url to the BSA's full information on JOTA,  http://www.bsa.scouting.org/international/jota.html

      73, Rick WB3BSA

      ClayWA6LBU@... wrote:

       I have completed the ARRL report.  I was under the understanding there was a
      BSA report to be filed as well.

      In a message dated 11/8/01 11:49:42 AM Central Standard Time,
      thefred@... writes:

      >  >Where can get information on what BSA wants in a report and where to send
      > it.
      >  >
      >  >Clay WA6LBU
      >  73 & yis,
      >  Fred
      >  K2FRD
      >  --

      Clay Mayrose, WA6LBU

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