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Scout Radio, now what?

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  • Bob Bruninga
    Scouts, I m looking for ideas. Say I have 8 cub scouts with Walkie Talkies (probably FRS). Now what do we do? THis is new territory for me, because my
    Message 1 of 1 , May 8, 1999
      Scouts, I'm looking for ideas. Say I have 8 cub
      scouts with Walkie Talkies (probably FRS). Now what do we do? THis is
      new territory for me, because my background as a HAM has no experience
      with 8 eight year olds on the radio looking for a way to play! We have
      not done this in HAM radio before.

      Of course We all know the use of radio in the big-adventure and public
      service environments. But what I am asking now, is how to use them in
      a one hour den meeting where you can't let them any further away than
      a typical school playground? IE, you give them a brief lesson and intro
      to radio, and then say... Now lets go play with them....
      Here are some thoughts:

      FIELD TRIPS: When you go somewhere, always hand out radios to each car
      before you leave, and let boys be the car-to-car communicators.

      RADIO NET: If your den is locally compact (some are), hand out radios
      one meeting and schedule a non-meeting night for a "net". Den leader
      may need to think HARD about where to position himself that night to
      make sure he is central and on HIGH ground to be able to talk to all
      boys. Have a phone and list of all phone numbers. Call anyone who
      forgot to check in. Be prepared to ask them to go upstairs, or outside
      or in a high corner of their yard to hear everyone (or just anyone).
      If there are one or two boys that are distant, plan on someone as a
      relay, or even consider letting him PHONE in and you use a phone patch
      to couple him in to the other boys. Prepare a map and let each boy
      plot where the others are.

      GEOGRAPHY: (this wont work for cubs, but maybe later for older scouts).
      You get a large several mile area in rugged terrain that stretches the
      range limits of your radios. Sketch a map. THen send them out to
      "outposts". Some on a hill, a valley, a basement and a top floor.
      Have them report their progress and then write down who they hear. Let
      the Hill guy relay as needed. Lesson: Range and Height

      CAPTURE THE FLAG? This is more like what I am after, but a problem is
      that with single channel FRS radios both teams hear each other.
      Hummh.... Maybe that is the fun of it. Divide up in teams, and make
      up separate "secret" codes for say North, S, E and W. Have a map of
      the playground area with N,S,E,W clearly marked. But now what?

      URBAN RESCUE? Some dens meet in BIG churches with huge buildings and
      grounds and mazes of rooms and hallways. Equip boys with maps of the
      grounds and rooms... Now what?

      ROBOTS? Have two teams on each end of a field. Select a "robot"
      and a communicator from each. Blindfold the robot and let communicator
      direct him to "capture" (non violently) the other teams robot. Rotate
      through so each boy plays each role. Hummh... I like this one.

      REPAIR NITE? Buy a handful of 9volt batteries. Ask boys to bring in
      their kiddie-walkie-talkies. Debug/fix what you can. They will be
      both on 27 and 49 MHz and different channels? Group them. Do range
      checks (take an FRS radio too for comparison)?

      I'm not trying to convey the entire experience of Radio in just one
      meeting, but I am trying to come up with discreet re-producible
      meeting or activity material. I welcome any complete ideas.

      Sorry to the APRSsig. I will move this over to SCOUTRADIO@...
      once I collect any fresh ideas from this group.

      de WB4APR. Bob
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