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Fwd: [radioalert] Yes, we're back on line !!

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  • Malcolm Bell
    Well, I know I said Richard was working on it right now, but I didn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2001
      Well, I know I said Richard was working on it right now, but I didn't expect such an instant solution!  See below from PA3BAR:

      Dear subscriber,
      The good news is, your radio scouting web site is back on line.
      To limit the traffic, I had to disable download possibilities for very large files, for the time being.
      These will be available again as soon as technically possible.
      Should you discover that any other links are broken in the proces, please let me know.
      You wil l find the site through the link at www.scout.org/jota.
      At first you will end up on an entry screen; this is new. It lets me control where you actually go. In this way I can prevent being taken off line as happened this last week.
      With best regards,
      your webmaster.

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