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RE: [ScoutRadio] Intro and Upcoming Shakedown Event...

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  • Louis Schmidt
    Dino, No worries. Glad to assist in QSO I live in Orange and will be monitoring the frequencies. Where is Firestone will you be. If you are on the Mesa
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      No worries.  Glad to assist in QSO I live in Orange and will be monitoring the frequencies.  Where is Firestone will you be.  If you are on the Mesa fantastic.. if you are down in the lower valley by the trading post you will not get much low band.. 


      I have operated at the Mesa, on the hill camp above the trading post and in Greenland camp had decent propagation down the valley to the south and sklp was in to the pacific.




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      I'm Dino Darling, KX6D. I'm located in Southern CA (against my will...please send help!). I was a Boy Scout many years ago.

      The first weekend in May (3-5) I'll be setting up an Amateur Radio station at the Firestone Scout Reservation (CA-49) in Brea/Diamond Bar for the 2013 Shakedown event. We are still working out the details on this but should be on the air by the Friday evening (1900 PDT) calling time on 40 meters and 2100 PDT on 80. We'll staff the booth all weekend and plan on meeting every SCCP. It would be great for the Scouts to hear you on the air!

      I'll be setting up my 100' tower trailer with a Force 12 C3 on top, an 80-meter bazooka just underneath, and a 40-meter bazooka down at 72'.

      If you live in Southern CA and wish to participate with me, please let me know! I'd love to have you, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm!

      Again, I don't have all the plans worked out just yet. This is THEIR SHOW and I'm there to provide a service as it fits into their schedule. If the Scouts are busy elsewhere, then that gives us more time to play on the radio!

      The Shakedown Committee is VERY excited to have a ham radio station at their event and if all goes as planned, we will be participating in many more events at Firestone in the future!

      I hope to see you there or work you on the air!

      Dino - KX6D

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