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Boy Scouts of America 2001 National Jamboree opens July 23

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  • Jon Pearl W4ABC
    From the ARRL Letter... == AMATEUR RADIO GETTING GOOD VISIBILITY AT 2001 NATIONAL JAMBOREE Amateur Radio will have a high profile during the Boy Scouts of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2001
      From the ARRL Letter...

      Amateur Radio will have a high profile during the Boy Scouts of America 2001
      National Jamboree that opens July 23, at Fort A.P. Hill in Northern
      Virginia, and continues through August 1. An estimated 40,000 Scouts and
      leaders are expected to turn out, and some 45 Amateur Radio operators at
      K2BSA/4 will be among those on hand to greet them. ARRL Headquarters staff
      member Larry Wolfgang, WR1B, will attend this year's Jamboree.

      This marks the 15th National Jamboree, which dates back to 1937. During this
      year's event, K2BSA hopes to complete a ham radio contact with the crew of
      the International Space Station as part of the Amateur Radio on the
      International Space Station--or ARISS--project.

      At this year's Jamboree, K2BSA will have four HF operating positions for
      general operation on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters, plus a VHF station with
      a 2-meter multimode rig. Licensed Scouts will be encouraged to operate, with
      staff members standing by to help as needed, or to serve as control
      operators for unlicensed Scouts. Most K2BSA operation will be on voice, but
      there will be some CW operation, especially in the evenings or during the
      night. K2BSA/4 will operate on or near the established world Scout
      frequencies: 3.940, 7.290, 14.290, 21.360, 28.360 and 28.990 MHz on SSB and
      3.590, 7.030, 14.070, 21.140, and 28.190 MHz on CW. Operation on satellites,
      digital modes and SSTV also is anticipated.

      A special commemorative K2BSA QSL card has been designed. To receive a QSL
      card for your contact, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your
      card to K2BSA Amateur Radio Association, 303 Westover Dr, Euless, TX 76039.

      Hams at the Jamboree will be teaching Radio merit badge and Technician
      license classes. ARRL/VEC coordinated exams will be given. Wolfgang plans to
      help with Radio merit badge classes and handle other duties at the Jamboree.

      Wolfgang encourages all to look for K2BSA/4 on the bands and spend some time
      talking with Scouts at the Jamboree. "If you ask them what they've been
      doing, be ready for some enthusiastic responses about all kinds of outdoor
      adventures!" he said. "The fun never stops at a Jamboree!"

      For additional information, visit the K2BSA Ham Radio Web site,
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