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(Fwd) Wednesday Night

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  • ray@sirois.com
    FYI All ... From: Self To: @HAMSCOUT.PML Subject: Wednesday Night Date sent: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:47:16
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2001
      FYI All

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      Subject: Wednesday Night
      Date sent: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 21:47:16 -0400

      We had a nice night on HF at
      Camp Hinds last evening...

      KB1GWT, Jesse, from Otisfield
      and KB1GWU Al from Raymond were
      around, however, we discovered the
      146.88 machine is busy from 7-8 on
      Wednesdays with a Net. We did
      get to talk with them before and after the

      Quite a few scouts and staff at Hinds
      showed up... it rained too, which means we
      got all the nearby archery guys coming into the
      Technology Lodge (where we were) for cover.
      So we had a nice little crowd. The (new) Camp Director
      Charles Swift was impressed with the
      countries we worked, and offered to promote
      the weekly Ham Intro more vigorously for the upcoming

      Due to the fact that 146.88 was
      occupied, we focused on DX contacts on
      HF. We worked the following prefix/countries
      P8 Guyana
      HA Hungary (2 Stations)
      SV Greece
      We were on 20 meters and 17 meter bands,
      which were both opened up nicely!

      We got each of these stations on the first try
      which means the home-made antenna
      is working GREAT.
      It is the 33 foot vertical wire antenna,
      which also has three 33 foot ground
      radials going down at an angle from an
      insulator. Then a piece of Ladder Line
      feeds the thing. (33ft elements are 1/4 wave
      resonant at 7mhz / 40 meters....) but I find I can tune
      it for just about any band with the
      tuner built into my mobile HF rig.

      There is a big National Jamboree in
      Virginia next week... we are not sure if
      it goes into next week, but there will be
      a lot of Scouts on the air for that...
      perhaps we can try to work them next
      Wednesday on HF. A fellow I work with
      and his son attended the Jamboree at
      Prince Edw Island in Canada last week,
      and said the Ham Stations there always had
      a line at them...

      Chow fer now...
      see ya at the Elmer Net on Tuedsays at 7pm,
      and we'll try to get some action from Hinds after
      the net on Wednesday nights all on 146.88.

      73, de N1RY, Ray
      WJ0TA Maine Scouts Amateur Radio Club
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