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RE: On Target help needed in New Mexico.

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  • n7tek@amsat.org
    Brian, N5ZGT: I m hoping that Steven Martinez KD5LOP on the Jemez mountains north of Albuquerque, New Mexico will be able to see the teams in Colorado or
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 18, 2001
      Brian, N5ZGT:

      I'm hoping that Steven Martinez KD5LOP on the Jemez mountains north of
      Albuquerque, New Mexico will be able to see the teams in Colorado or Arizona
      OR that there is someone on one of these lists that either lives in New
      Mexico or knows someone in New Mexico who is willing to help. For some
      reason many of the Colorado teams have not signed up yet but I'm hoping
      there will be one in southern Colorado in range of KD5LOP. I'll let you
      know if I hear anything. Keep watching the registry to see if more teams
      signup there in New Mexico or southern Colorado (the list is growing rapidly
      now that we're only a few days away):


      I heard on Sunday evening that some Scouters in Texas are trying to get
      enough Scout units in their state involved to do On Target. Perhaps KD5LOP
      can get some of the other Cub Scouters to help out and just do some
      signaling local to the Jemez mountains?

      Thanks for your help their in New Mexico! I'm sorry I'm not more help but
      perhaps there is someone on the email list that is willing to help out this
      Saturday (7/21/2001) with On Target!

      Let me know how things go there in New Mexico and at the National Jamboree!
      73 de N7TEK - John Blackham, North Salt Lake, UT
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      From: Brian P. Mileshosky [mailto:n5zgt@...]
      Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2001 12:58 AM
      To: otusa_committee@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [otusa_committee] New Mexico

      Hi all,

      NEW MEXICO will be active with On Target! Steven Martinez KD5LOP, who is
      involved with Cub Scouts in Corrales, NM has contacted me and is planning an
      outing to the Jemez mountains north of Albuquerque. He said he will be at
      theRanger Station on the south rim of the Jemez caldera and said It's a
      great place to signal from since it has panoramic views in all directions
      (106.33W 35.47N WGS-84). Since it is not far (10 miles) from where the Cub
      Scouts will camp he thought he'd might participate if there was someone
      within range to signal with.

      So my question...who might be in range with north-central New Mexico? I
      am still working on some people in Los alamos, NM...if anything, Steven and
      anyone in the Los Alamos area might be able to work each other.

      Brian, N5ZGT

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