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Re: Radio Merit Badge Class

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  • Horace Hamby
    Reporting for philsohn K7APS There were some 60 scouts, boys, girls and cubs at the 2012 JOTA Mountain Meadows Duvall, WA event. 30 plus got a Merit Badge and
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 27, 2012

      Reporting for philsohn K7APS

      There were some 60 scouts, boys, girls and cubs at the 2012 JOTA Mountain Meadows Duvall, WA event.  30 plus got a Merit Badge and 14 HAM Technician's licenses were awarded with 17 taking the test.  It was a great experience.  The event illustrated that practical learning stations demonstrating Amateur License technical principles can help youth learn.  Thanks to the LWHC members that were there making it work; 11+ LWHC members present out of 16 HAMS.  HAMs on site were covered up with students and talked continuously for the 8 hours.  The camp net was on the air most of the time with scouts making contact with each other and timing moves to different Learning Stations.  Federal Way , Microsoft Hams and LWHC supplied HAMS and VEs for the exam. 


      The nine learning stations covered the subject areas with flip charts for needed knowledge for the Merit Badge and Technician Amateur Test.  Learning Stations: VHF/UHF Repeaters, HF, Safety and Call signs, QRP and CW, Digital and OHMs Law, Antennas, Electronics, Electrical Principles, Propagation, Radio Service and Net Control.  Several Scout Hams were working in the Learning Stations.  Complimentary Activities, demonstrations and Amateur test questions were used to reinforce learning station mission.  Federal Way HAM club was there with there portable DStar repeater¬óNeat.  Following the Scouts completion of the Learning Stations they were given the chance to complete the Radio Merit Badge and take the Amateur License Test. 


      Plans are in the works for LWHC follow-up with those youth that got licenses this year; to get them and keep them on the air.  The goal is to get Amateur Radio to work in their troop. 


      Then review the training stations material and have training and licensing session before JOTA 2013 in the fall.  Plan an all mode Technician display with a focus operating and contacts for JOTA 2013 using those licenses earned.   It is a goal to have more Scout Hams working in the stations next year.


      Planners were: Phil Sohn, K7APS; Dave Wickert, AE7TD and Horace Hamby, N7DRW and are available to explain details of this JOTA to others.


      --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, "Phil" <philsohn@...> wrote:
      > At JOTA this year, we are going to try a combined radio merit badge/technician licensing presentation at the same time over the course of a day. Has anyone else done this before? Any tips?
      > I'll let everyone know how it works out.
      > Phil
      > K7APS

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