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Re: [ScoutRadio] JOTA how did it go...

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  • Scott J (Kd5mhm)
    Short Answer: We registered our station under my call sign (kd5mhm) as I didn’t have enough time to get a special-event call. We operated from the Buffalo
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 22, 2012
      Short Answer:
      We registered our station under my call sign (kd5mhm) as I didn’t have enough time to get a special-event call.  We operated from the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch in the mountains of Fort Davis, Texas.  The Buffalo Trail Council had a Cuboree so we had approximately 175 Cub Scouts on Saturday, with a matching number of parents.  We operated 3 stations; 10m, 20m & 40m throughout the day and evening.  Many parents participated and a Scout troop was in camp also.  Assisting operations were Steve (KE5SXT), Alton (N5PSP) and my son Devin (KE5SYM) – all seasoned JOTA veteran operators.  It would have been impossible to handle the number of participants without these hams on the team!
      Long Answer:
      We operated from the camp’s chapel.  The road had been somewhat washed out so we had to park about twice the normal distance away.  My old bones are still aching from hauling all the gear up the hill and long flight of steps!  Parents rated us as perhaps the best of the 9 events that day, while most Scouts had shooting BB-Guns at the camp’s range as most favorite.  It is hard to beat BB-Guns with young boys!  About a dozen adults took information (web links and contact info) about becoming a ham, so we felt that we were doing something right.  Using two Buddi-Poles and a G5RV helped our stations in the canyon make those contacts from approximately all corners of the USA.  One group got through to the USS Lexington (W5LEX) but the Lex went QRT before I got a chance for a contact!  I was very jealous of the Scouts!  At the end of the weekend before departing camp, we discussed a permanent radio station with the Camp Director, Bill Houston.  Plans for next year were begun also.  A spring camporee may include radio since it was so popular.  We have our hopes up!
      Best wishes and 73,
      Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 4:06 PM
      Subject: [ScoutRadio] JOTA how did it go...

      The short answer - we were to operate until 4pm on Saturday, we had to
      "drag" the boys off the radio at 7pm... {so we could eat dinner}

      The long answer - We operate as Campmasters and don't know for sure how many
      troops will be in camp until Friday afternoon. I "lost" one of my key
      Extra JOTA OPS and I was having a back problem. I got relief for my back
      with help setting up on Friday afternoon and help from a second ham all day
      Saturday. The boys helped completely set up John's {KC3AM} station
      including using the fishing pole to launch a weight over the tree limbs. We
      had eight troops in camp and only one made a visit but we had two boys and
      leaders visit JOTA for the day. We operated on 7.19MHz all day and the boys
      have a great time talking {and talking} with other scouts. Our on the air
      activity was within several hundred miles of our QTH {Camp Rodney, North
      East, MD}. We did listen in to the ISS contact with Echolink and also
      talked via Echolink to Bill {N3DOU} who helped setup on Friday. One of the
      Scouts had Radio Merit Badge {last year} and we worked on requirements for
      the second Scout.

      It is NICE to have Scouts visit the JOTA station as their only activity for
      the day - it made my effort enjoyable {even with the back "issue"}.

      73, Steve WB3LGC
      T30 ARC KB3NCC

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