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Fwd: Call on the KD8NOM - DEARS!

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  • Matt Murphy
    All, Yes this a a shameless plug. Michael (my oldest) will be operating on Friday this week. - Matthew, kc8bew ... Dear Fellow Ham: The Dresden Elementary
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2012
      Yes this a a shameless plug.  Michael (my oldest) will be operating on Friday this week.
      - Matthew, kc8bew
      Dear Fellow Ham:
         The Dresden Elementary Amateur Radio Station KD8NOM, Dresden, Ohio will be active in the School Club Round-up contest this week. From about 3:40 until 5:59 P.M. we will be looking for contacts in the phone bands (and maybe CW later in the week) on 40 meters 7.225-7.255; and on 2o meters 14.250-14.280. We will also we working VHF on 146.55 mhz FM. I ask that you please give us a call on one of those frequencies and add to our point totals. Club calls and other school club contacts count for even more!
         You may remember that last year we were only able to operate one night but our QSO rate was top notch. We're going for broke with 5 nights of 'testing! There are 15 members in our after school group of 5th and 6th graders and they are EAGER to get worked!

      ALSO--- PLEASE  S P R E A D the word that we'll be on the air. Those of you who are involved with OSSB nets please pass this traffic onto other areas of the state and beyond. If you can SPOT us on any of the clusters is also welcome. FORWARD this email to other clubs and club members int he state and beyond.

      We're looking for the best effort we can give for this contest and our students are up to the challenge!

      Very '73
      Jim Mayercak / WX8J
      Advisor for the DEARS/KD8NOM Student Group
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