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FW: Amateur Radio-based programs for NNJC Scouts:Meeting/Forum: -Wed.6/20/12

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  • J.Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT
    Hi Folks! There is going to be a gathering of Amateur Radio-interested/Scouting-interested folks this Wednesday at 7:30 PM in Bergenfield. We are advancing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2012

      Hi Folks!


      There is going to be a gathering of Amateur Radio-interested/Scouting-interested folks this Wednesday at 7:30 PM  in Bergenfield . 

      We are advancing the visibility of Amateur Radio in Scouting within the Northern New Jersey Council which consists of Bergen , Passaic , Essex and Hudson Counties , but we want to develop a strong cadre of Scouts, Scouters and other interested parties to expand the reach to more youth and adults by leveraging each other’s ideas and resources. 


      The first part of the meeting will be informational and the second will be a brainstorming session.  We have already assembled quite of bit of material for this meeting, but would like to expand on both the ideas and the roster to create as comprehensive a program as possible for individual Scout units and for the Council activities program as well.


      Please forward this message around to any and all interested folks!


      Yours in Scouting!

      Thanks & 73,

      Gordon Beattie, W2TTT


      From: Michael Cowan [mailto:noreply@...]
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      To: J Gordon Beattie Jr
      Subject: Amateur Radio-based programs for NNJC Scouts:Meeting/Forum: -Wed.6/20/12


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      What:   A meeting to discuss what Amateur Radio-based programs can do in the council and invite Scouts.

       These may include perhaps:      

      • Set up a station in the council office or one of its camps.
      • Support a “High Technology in Scouting”
      • Engage the ARRL to see if their teacher education program can be extended to Scouters
      • conduct sessions for Cub Scouts in our Districts and at summer camp so that they can complete the Electricity and Radio Electives and the Communicator Webelos Activity.
      • Actively engage in JOTA 

      Where:    St John’s Parish Life Center on the south side of the church, Washington Ave , Bergenfield

      When:      Wednesday,   6/20 @  7:30pm

      Who should come:   Anyone interested, Ham Radio Operators, JOTA enthusiasts, Emergency Service folks, Program folks, any Scouters J\

      There are programs that can supply equipment to make this a reality for our youth here in North Jersey ….we need to organize and set a path in order to take advantage of these opportunities.


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