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  • Torkil Bladt
    Hello Edward and everybody else Some years ago we made an activity for scouts on a Danish national jamboree. I think that our activity (as we called OLOTA, an
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 17, 2012
    Hello Edward and everybody else
    Some years ago we made an activity for scouts on a Danish national
    I think that our activity (as we called OLOTA, an untranslatable Danish
    abbrivation) could be used by other and thus be relevant for your book.
    Unfortunately all my written material is in Danish, but I'll try to
    explain what it was all about.

    The general idea was that the scouts should experience simplex com via
    hand held radio by talking to other patrols that they did not know.
    We set up a number of stations within a short walking distance and all
    within radiodistance. Each station was paired with another one and each
    pair shared a freq. The patrols went from one station to the next and got
    a new assignment at each station and a new patrol as counterpart.

    The assignments were:

    1 Describe a LEGO figurine to the other patrol and let them make a copy.
    The station leader had a drawing as a solution, so that they could see if
    they did it correct. We used figurines made of approx 10 standard
    8-knob-bricks, all of the same colour, but you can of course vary that.
    The other patrol had of course another figurine so that they could both
    have a try. This turned out to be the best of the activities. We made
    drawings in Blockcad (www.blockcad.net), see attached example.

    2 Compass track. Each patrol had a long string with knots and a number of
    pegs; the knots gave the distances of the compass track but the direction
    (degrees) were given by radio. one patrol had the even directions and the
    other the uneven.

    3 Recipies. One patrol had a list of food-ingredience and the other a
    recipies book. They should then guess what course the ingr. were for.
    Quite difficult to figure out a good set of ing. and too easy to guess, we

    4 Battleship game. The two patrols played against each other. Other games
    such as Chess could also be used. Quite ok activity.

    5 Descibe a national flag. The patrols each got a poster with a lot of
    national flag (two different posters were used) and a picture of 3-5 flags
    that were on the other patrols poster but not on their own. They should
    then describe the flags to each other patrol to guess. It is important to
    choose flags that are not very well known and that looks like other flags.
    Also quite ok, but rather easy. If you want to scale up the level, try
    plants and a botany book!

    6 Guess a Fairy tale. The patrol gave each other some keywords from the
    (in Denmark) well known tales by Hans Christian Andersen. They should then
    guess what tale. Again, the patrol were working in pairs.

    7 Kims Game. (we did not use this, but kept is as a spare activity) The
    patrol should describe how a certain thing looked like (eg. a golf ball)
    but not mention anythig about its use.

    Radio obstacle course
    This activity was not from the Danish camp, but from the world scout
    jamboree in Sweden last summer. We had set up an obstacle course with
    strings, poles and gates. The scouts worked in pairs, one directing the
    other (blindfolded) scout through the track (approx 50m) by hand held
    radio. He should carry a cup of water all the way without spilling too
    much. It can be made more difficult if the guide is not present but only
    can see what is going on via a CCTV monitor.

    You are welcome to ask if you need more info on the activities, I can be
    reached by e-mail or skype (torkil.bladt)

    Torkil Bladt OZ2KIL, cup scout leader, Slagelse, Denmark.

    tel +45 29 64 02 50

    > Posted by: "Edward" edwa4isi@... wa4isi
    > Thu Feb 16, 2012 2:16 pm (PST)
    > Hello to all!
    > As a member of the Boy Scouts of America National Radio Scouting
    > Committee, I
    > have been asked to help develop an Activities Workbook for JOTA. The
    > workbook is
    > to be a resource for ststions psrticipating in JOTA although the
    > actvities could
    > be useful for Radio merit badge sessions. What better resource than all
    > of you,
    > who are interested in Scout Radio? So, I am asking if any of you have an
    > idea
    > for an activity relating to JOTA please forward it to me for
    > consideration in
    > the workbook. Thanks for your help.
    > Ed/WA4ISI
    > wa4isi@...
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  • AF6AX
    OZ2KIL, That is some WAY cool stuff. I ll be trying those this year. Many thanks, -Mark Z, AF6AX
    Message 2 of 2 , Feb 18, 2012

      That is some WAY cool stuff.
      I'll be trying those this year.

      Many thanks,

      -Mark Z, AF6AX

      > Some years ago we made an activity for scouts on a Danish national
      > jamboree.
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