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  • Stephen M. Shearer
    GA, I thank you all for your input to my question. I have taken your input and that of my {currently} two co-staff for the RADIO part of the event and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2012


      I thank you all for your input to my question.

      I have taken your input and that of my {currently} two co-staff for the RADIO part of the event and submitted my proposal to the PIC.


      I have done this before and I am currently running Radio Merit Badge at our Council Merit Badge College so I am not totally new to running a demo.

      I wanted new input to make sure I wasn’t missing “things”…  again thank you for your input.

      IF, what I asked for gets approved and I see no reason why it won’t as I was asked to put on a RADIO demo, I “should” operate from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.  I don’t know if “we” will operate 24 hours straight, but we will be on the air as much as possible.   I will try and develop a time plan of the frequencies and modes that we will be on and publish them here and on “radio_scouting”.   I “think” I can get a few more hams to help operate and to answer question {give out free ARRL info, too}. 


      I hope to have two HF transmitters.  One for voice and one for digital {PSK31 and CW}.  I also will have voice and APRS on VHF/UHF for demo and talk-in.  For APRS, I need to see if there is a local iGate…  As I get more information from the Person In Charge, I will pass on the information about what I am doing.  It will be nice for the “First State” to get the last state BSA camp and enable WAS Scout Camps.  The OA will also be using the camp in the fall of 2012 for an induction weekend, so I expect to be active then too.


      I made a K1EL K42 CW Keyboard “box” and I hope to give it a try from MD-05 this weekend.  Since it has a reader and Morse is generated with a buffered keyboard, it looks like the kids might like to give it a try – I’ll see…   I don’t know what times I will be on, as I am “working”…  When I do, I’ll give the BSA freq’s a try.  Sideband will be busy with a NA contest. 


      73, Steve

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      I've taught Radio MB a couple of times.


      The Scouts want to use the "big radio", they preferred a go-box with a mobile instead of the HT.


      We checked into a local youth net on a repeater, they liked that.


      We ran a mock SAR with two teams and a net control, all Scouts. The two teams were directed where to go. You could do a treasure hunt instead, where the teams collected items from other events at the camporee.


      I had them practice ID'ing with their name and my (control op) callsign before going on the air, so "Andy at K6WRU" or "Fred at K6WRU".


      PSK31 is familiar to them (looks like chat), and is pretty good for DX. We talked to Tennessee and Ukraine from California on a 3W portable.


      One control op per activity is good.


      I'd set up some skeds on HF, the Scouts may not have the patience for calling CQ over and over. Send some mail to GB2GP at Gilwell Park. That is a real possibility from Deleware.





      Walter Underwood

      Venture ASM

      Troop 14, Palo Alto


      On Jan 11, 2012, at 9:51 AM, Dale Lamm wrote:



      Having done many of these, agree that a simple setup that might pass as a GOTA station during Field Day should work.


      Have a few things out to catch their eyes. Wire antennas with safety-tape streamers, some visual aids, maybe a DF antenna and a fox. Got Radio Merit Badge booklets?


      CW is intesesting to someone who has never seen it, except perhaps in a movie. Hearing voices from far away is interesting. Keyboard stuff like PSK31 is OK too. What I'm saying is not to focus on one slice of ham radio.


      Try to get located in a high traffic area, maybe near a road to the dining area. Assume you are on your own as far as power, shelter, table, etc, unless you know otherwise. This sounds like a brand new camp without much in the way of infrastructure.


      An assistant would be a good idea, if they are outgoing and kid-friendly.


      Good luck, and post a photo or two when it's over!


      73 de NX8J





      I have been asked about having a radio demo at the Delaware camporee in May at the new Scout Camp. 
      This will be strictly a portable “operation” as I don’t expect any buildings will be finished by then.


      I am trying to decide what DO I want to do?  Your suggestions could be helpful.  I will be “giving” out DE-01 SCOTA contacts, the question is what mode(s).  I like PSK, but I have seen requests for CW from the Yahoo Group.  Maybe I should also ask about bands, too.  I may have two transmitters and have the filters for 40M and 20M to operate simultaneously, but is it worth the effort for two transmitters.  One transmitter could be used for PSK and the other for voice demo cont! acts.





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