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ARRL Midwest Director Election

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  • Keith
    Many of you are members of the Midwest Division (NE, KS, IA, MO) of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the national association for amateur radio. I am
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      Many of you are members of the Midwest Division (NE, KS, IA, MO) of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the national association for amateur radio. I am hoping you will consider me for the three year term of Director for the Midwest Division in the upcoming election. I will be running against the incumbent, Cliff Ahrens. Below are both of our statements of qualification for your review.


      Cliff Ahrens, K├śCA, (Incumbent)

      It has been my privilege to serve as your Midwest Division Director since January 2010, and for three years before that as your Vice Director. I have travelled throughout the Division to hamfests, conventions and club meetings, listened and responded to your concerns, represented you at ARRL Board and Committee meetings, and worked hard to justify the confidence and support which you have shown in me.

      ARRL and Amateur Radio need strong leadership to meet the challenges we face. With the help of dedicated volunteers throughout the Midwest Division, I have worked diligently to:

      - Improve ARRL members' services
      - Support the ARRL grassroots legislative action program efforts
      - Protect Amateur Radio from unreasonable subdivision restrictions and covenants
      - Preserve our Amateur Radio spectrum
      - Strengthen emergency communications
      - Mentor young hams, and promote school and college Amateur Radio Clubs

      I currently serve as chairman of the Board's Administration and Finance Committee and the Amateur Radio Legal Defense and Assistance Committee and was a former member of the Ethics and Elections Committee and Board Liaison to the DX Advisory Committee. My service includes a monthly Division Newsletter <http://www.arrlmidwest.org/newsletter/newsletter.pdf>, Midwest Division Web page <http://www.arrlmidwest.org>, Zero QSL Bureau sorter, ARRL awards card checker, Volunteer Examiner, ARES member, and former Assistant Director.

      I've been an active ham for more than thirty years, life member of ARRL and QCWA, member of the St. Louis and Suburban Radio Club, Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club, Missouri DX/Contest Club, Kansas City DX Club, Eastern Iowa DX Association, Heartland DX Association, Lincoln, Nebraska ARC, Hannibal, Missouri ARC, CW Operators Club, and A-1 Operators Club. My interests include DXing, contesting, and public service.

      Professionally, I am a Missouri appellate court judge and have served my community as President of the YMCA, Kiwanis Club, United Way, and the Chamber of Commerce. My wife Kim and I have three grown children (two hams W0CTA and K4CJA) and four grandchildren.

      See <http://www.VoteMidwest.org> for additional information. I need your continued support and would appreciate your vote to retain me as your Midwest Division Director. Working together, we can help ensure a bright future for Amateur Radio!


      Keith Kaiser, WA0TJT, (Challenger)

      When elected as Midwest Division Director my focus will be to build youth membership in Amateur Radio. Without growth we will outlive Amateur Radio as we know it. New Hams will come from generating an interest in the young. Today Facebook and Twitter may be their social media of choice but both have roots in Ham Radio and it's up to us to demonstrate this. I was first licensed in 1967, I was 15 years old and fascinated by the same thing kids are today, technology. Ham radio still fills that fascination and will with the youth.

      I have been a volunteer Scout leader for 29 years, now serving as an Assistant District Commissioner in the North Star District. For the past 23 years I have operated a JOTA station at our Fall Camporee. And in 2010 I organized three Ham stations for our BSA Centennial Celebration in Bonner Springs, KS. This included arranging and coordinating the launch of three high altitude balloons to the cheer of the 11,000 Scouts attending from the Heart of America Council. I have received the District Award of Merit, Scoutmaster Award of Merit and am a 2011 recipient of the Silver Beaver Award from the Heart of America Council.

      I am President of Near Space Ventures, a not-for-profit Missouri Corporation dedicated to the advancement of Aerospace Education. Our emphasis is on low cost access to Near Space using high altitude balloons and amateur radio, launching payloads to altitudes of 100,000 feet and above. We were the recipients of the Civil Air Patrol's 2006 Frank G. Brewer Award, recognized for our "outstanding contributions to the advancement of youth in aerospace activities".

      I hold an Extra Class License, I am a life member of ARRL, a member of SATERN, KC Northland ARES, PCARG, QCWA, and I'm emComm Level 3 trained. My wife (Deb - W0DLK) and I enjoy providing Amateur Radio support to the many bike rides and other community events around the KC area. I am the webmaster for <http://arhab.org>, <http://superlaunch.org>, and <http://nearspaceventures.org> web sites and co-wrote the flight projection software on the NSV site most of you use before a balloon flight. We have attended every GPSL since 2005 and hosted GPSL 2008 in Kansas City.

      Please consider me for your next Midwest Division Director.


      Editorial comment from Larry, W0AIB: Out of the roughly 650,000 licensed hams in the U.S. I estimate that about half are inactive (for whatever reason), which means that about half of the active hams in this country belong to ARRL. It is clearly our leading organization. It needs to be as strong as possible to assure that the best interests of amateur radio are well served. To keep it strong we must support it.

      So., if you do not belong, I urge you to join and take part in its many activities.
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