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RE: [ScoutRadio] Additional JOTA-JOTI fun!

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  • Mike Lukas
    Great Falls MT. will be holding two JOTA stations Listen for W7ECR and W7ECA. Both local clubs will be on the air around scout freq. Have a great Jota
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 13, 2010
      Great Falls MT. will be holding two JOTA stations Listen for W7ECR and W7ECA. Both local clubs will be on the air around scout freq.     Have a great Jota  Mike Lukas 406-799-8205 cell during jota

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      From: PA3GVR@...
      Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 10:03:12 -0400
      Subject: [ScoutRadio] Additional JOTA-JOTI fun!

      Hi All,

      It is a bit short notice as we are only a few days away from the 2010
      JOTA-JOTI but I would like to bring your attention to
      Here you can register you troop and find a list of almost 400 JOTA
      stations and 2500 JOTI stations from around the world.

      The additional fun comes from the game "JamPuz". When you register AS
      A GROUP! on the site you will get a JID - JOTA-JOTI ID. You need this
      to play the game which is like your favorite Tuesday night (at least
      here in Boca ;) ) Bingo. When you contact a ststion ask them if they
      have a JID and use the last 2 digits for your bingo card.

      It is the first year of trying this game so you will run in to
      stations that won't have a JID. You could download the list of JOTA
      stations and go hunt for them to get your bingo.

      Have Fun!

      Sjaak, W4RIS@K4FAU IRLP 4999 Echo 392896

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