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Re: [ScoutRadio] K2BSA Status

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  • Brian Mileshosky
    Hi Everyone -- K2BSA is now only QRV with dipoles. We re off the air now to pack everything else up, complete VE exams (we tested over 100 in the evening
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      Hi Everyone --

      K2BSA is now only QRV with dipoles. We're off the air now to pack
      everything else up, complete VE exams (we tested over 100 in the evening
      session last night and expect just as many tonight...conducted two
      sessions each day for the duration of the Jamboree), and take care of
      other things. As soon as some of my staff is freed up from other
      priorities, we will be back on the air, likely 20 and 40 meters. We'll
      try 80 if it's not too noisy, thought it is summertime.

      We will self spot occasionally when on the air, and I'm sure others will
      spot us as well. Keep an eye on www.dxwatch.com or DXsummit. Not sure how
      late we'll be on.

      We will go QRT tomorrow (Wed) sometime, I'm guessing, around 1:00pm EDT,
      and that'll be a wrap for our contribution to the 2010 National Scout
      Jamboree. As soon as we get home to decompress a bit we'll produce some
      impressive statistics and other notes of success.

      Brian N5ZGT

      On Mon, 2 Aug 2010, Brian Mileshosky wrote:

      > All --
      > K2BSA is nearing the end of its operations at the National Scout Jamboree.
      > Today we had over 1,100 scouts through our station...today, alone. So far
      > well over 5,000 total -- over 10% of the Jamboree participants.
      > Tomorrow we will spin down the gig. Bucket trucks arrive at some point
      > in the day to drop our monoband yagis, and we'll be left with two radios
      > QRV on dipoles which we can drop on Wednesday. Not sure what bands those
      > dipoles will be on -- 20 and 40 at minimum with 40 and 80 at night,
      > depending on which of our operators have steam to be on the air. It's
      > been a long few weeks, but so beneficial for scouting and ham radio. Look
      > on the DX clusters for where we are operating, as we've had QRM on our
      > published frequencies. We will self spot ourselves when on the air for
      > everybody's heads up.
      > On Wednesday afternoon or evening, K2BSA at the 2010 National Scout
      > Jamboree will go QRT. Staff departs on Thursday.
      > We appreciate all those who've contacted us, and look forward to everyone
      > who will contact us over the final few days.
      > 73,
      > Brian N5ZGT
      > K2BSA Station manager/coordinator
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