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ARRL/Hamvention/Scout Booth, Thank You's -- Act Locally Think Globally

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  • Brian Walker
    Report on the ARRL/Hamvention/Scout Booth, Free Morse Code s/w for Scouts Hello Radio Scouters!!!! We had a Tremendous turnout at the ARRL/Hamvention/Scout
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2010
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      Report on the ARRL/Hamvention/Scout Booth, Free Morse Code s/w for Scouts

      Hello Radio Scouters!!!!

      We had a Tremendous turnout at the ARRL/Hamvention/Scout Booth this
      year... it was great to visit with Scouters from all over the USA (and
      a few from around the world). The enthusiasm is contagious, the many
      ideas that where exchanged, invaluable.

      I posted the "Radio_Scouting_Pamphlet_5.doc" up in the "files" section
      of the ScoutRadio group, it is a great resource for things happening
      in 2010 and contacts to help you with your Scout Radio efforts.
      Thanks to Dale Lamm, NX8J for printing up the pamphlet for the
      ARRL/Hamvention/Scout booth, we handed a bunch out.

      The100th year of BSA, brings an opportunity for Scouts to earn the
      Signaling merit badge (this year only). CW Amateur's would love to
      see a ton of Scouts earn the badge, and become CW fans... to help make
      this happen, John Samin, VK1EME has made the MRX morse code training
      software available to all Scouts for free... down load the program
      here: http://www.mrx.com.au/ and then get a free reg code here:
      http://morsecode.dyndns.org/pickup/license/scout/MRX.reg Learning
      Morse Code was a requirement to become a First Class Scout up to the
      early 1970's, and now is a great time to bring the skill of CW back to

      A big thank you to Gary Wilson, K2GW for getting the 1911 working
      reproduction of the Boy Scout Handbook's Amateur Receiver and
      Transmitter (see his post for details and be sure to send a donation
      -if you feel so inclined - to the great folks at the Antique Wireless
      Association Museum) and to Bob Hobday, N2EVG for building it... what a
      cool contribution to the 100 years of Scouting celebration.

      It is awesome to go to Dayton and get exposed to the Global World of
      Ham Radio... but in the end it is what we do at the local level, one
      club or group of Amateurs or even as an individual... that makes the
      difference. Someone asked me what I was doing for the local Scout
      Camp (Camp Drake)... and the answer was nothing, so I recently bought
      a W2AU dipole balum, and am working with the VCARA club in Danville IL
      to put up a multiband antenna and a J-Pole to get the local summer
      camp on the air. A phone call to the Camp Ranger, we secured a
      location, and the name of a Scout working at the camp that could run
      the gear. We have put in to action a multi-year set of goals for the
      camp and hope to have them on the air, running a radio merit badge
      program and long term a classroom with a Ham Station to one side...
      What are you doing for your local Scout Camp?...

      For Scouts that can't come to the National Jamboree July 26-Aug 4,
      2010 a contact with K2BSA and a QSL card in the mail just might be
      that bit of history they can hold and look back on, and with luck
      spark a Ham Radio hobby! Call your local Scoutmaster or Cubmaster and
      see if you can get them over to the club station. Don't forget to
      have a plan B... Echolink has always been my zero sunspot plan B.
      JOTA, Kids Day, and Field Day are all great days to get Scout on the
      air too...

      Thanks again to the ARRL and the team of Scouters that manned the
      booth for making the Scout Booth possible this year!!!! Thanks to you
      for acting locally to insure Amateur Radio has a strong future rooted
      in the next generation!!!

      Make it a Tremendous Day,
      Brian Walker
      WB9SA Trustee
      ARRL/Hamvention/Scout booth Chairperson 2010

      Midwest Scouters look for the WB9SA cross band repeater balloon Aug.
      7th 2010 starting around 8:30 floating for a few hours at 70,000 feet,
      running on 144.360 up and 446.025 down, and ATV NTSC on 439.25
      Launching from Rantoul IL. Visit www.spacejamboree.com for more info
      the week before the event. Sat/Comm and HF all weekend, too...
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