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4th, 5th and 6th grade ham demo during JOTA

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    Hi there, Our radio club is demonstrating Ham Radio to three groups of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students this Saturday morning with each student making H.F.
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      Hi there,


      Our radio club is demonstrating Ham Radio to three groups of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students this Saturday morning with each student making H.F. contacts. Our hope is that we can contact you! Please read on.


      Twice each year (fall and spring), the Western Technical College in La Crosse Wisconsin hosts Camp W, a youth enrichment program designed for area children in grades 4-6. Western faculty and staff volunteer their time and talents to give area children the opportunity to explore special interests in a unique educational setting and to see what the college is all about.

      Courses can include everything from building toolboxes to maneuvering around in wheelchairs, making beaded work to taking pictures, or just clowning around. And while some of the classes correlate to an academic program offered at the college, some are designed just for fun. Students can choose up to three of the 14 different classes to attend throughout the morning.


      This Saturday, October 17th from 8:15 AM to 12:30 PM CDT the Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association (MVARA) will present "Welcome to the Wonderful World of Ham Radioā€¯ during "Camp-W". 


      During Camp-W we present programs to three groups of students. During each program every student in each group will have the opportunity to make a H.F. contact. We will have 10, 15 and 20 meter tri-band antenna as well as a 40 and 75 meter dipole antenna. So if you here us on the air calling from La Crosse Wisconsin drop by for a chat.


      We are not Scouts but we will be introducing Ham Radio to young students with many of the same interests as the Scouts some may even be Scouts.


      Here is a look at our program during last springs Camp-W


      Enjoy the JOTA!



      Terry Miller KB9YXV

      Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association



      To: ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com
      From: n5zgt@...
      Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:08:32 -0600
      Subject: Re: [ScoutRadio] JOTA

      Folks --

      If I may offer my two cents...

      Every weekend is stacked with on air events, such as contests, special
      event stations, etc. In the case of right now you'll also find a ton of
      hams focused on a few frequencies per band trying to nail K4M on Midway
      Island. All of this is a GOOD thing, as opposed to having empty bands.

      JOTA, like everything else, is meant for fun. It's not a make or break
      activity to introduce Scouts to ham radio -- there's 364 other days for
      you to do that, in addition to JOTA.

      If there's other activity on the airwaves, then there's other activity.
      We have lots of spectrum to use at our leisure, and not being able to
      crowd around a suggested JOTA frequency because of other events isn't
      really a big deal. Find a quiet frequency and call "CQ JOTA." You'll be
      found and will still have a good time. When QRM encroaches, make a
      decision to stay put (but remember the example you're setting to the
      Scouts in front of you), slide down, or slide up. Resume having fun.

      Worst comes to worst, there are 3 entire bands -- 12, 17 and 30 -- to use
      without worrying about contesters and probably all QSO Parties happening
      on JOTA weekend.

      Just like JOTA is known to occur on a certain weekend in October within
      the scouting community, there are contests and QSO Parties that are known
      to occur on the same weekend among their circles. One of the qualities of
      a good ham radio operator is the ability to roll with the punches, be it
      changing band conditions, QRN, QRM, less than optimal antenna performance,
      etc., and get the job done while having fun.

      JOTA is no different, and I'm sure we -- and the Scouts who we will be
      interacting with -- will indeed have a bunch of fun with whoever else
      happens to be using the bands at the same time.

      Brian N5ZGT
      ARRL Director, Rocky Mountain Divison
      On the web at www.RockyMountainDi vision.org

      On Wed, 14 Oct 2009, jrk wrote:

      > I don't know if it will help or not but I will write a letter to the sponsoring org of the Iowa qso party. Maybe if they are brought up to speed on the importance of JOTA we can get them to hold it on a different weekend. Its at least worth a try.
      > Jeff
      > KB0GVI

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    • Robert Bruninga
      ... ... As a tangential point, don t forget, that we REACHOUT to kids and scouts, but we are also reeling in any parents too. Do not overlook including
      Message 2 of 13 , Oct 14, 2009
        > Hey folks. Unfortunately, there are many
        > people in our hobby who whine about there
        > not being enough young people in the hobby.

        As a tangential point, don't forget, that we REACHOUT to kids
        and scouts, but we are also reeling in any parents too. Do not
        overlook including material that might appeal to the parents.
        Ham radio is generally attractive to adults and probably most
        new hams come from the adult crowd.

        This does not in any way mean we should not reach out to the
        kids as best we can, but also be prepared to invite in the
        parents too.

        Bob, WB4APR
      • JonEMac
        Who cares??? There s a contest or QSO party almost every weekend! Jon W2MC
        Message 3 of 13 , Oct 15, 2009
          Who cares???

          There's a contest or QSO party almost every weekend!


          --- In ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com, Mike Lukas <iamadivebum@...> wrote:
          > why is it that Hams insist on clugging up the air waves the one weekend of the year, the same weekend every year with a QSO PARTY. Thats why the ARRL and everyone else in the ******* world does not schedule QSO parties or contests. That way the kids can hear each other thats who they want to talk to...Maybe it's just me.. 73's KE7YTM.
          > To: ScoutRadio@yahoogroups.com
          > From: byrdhaus@...
          > Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 15:30:20 -0500
          > Subject: [ScoutRadio] JOTA
          > Just a heads up for JOTA. This weekend is also
          > the 1st Iowa QSO party. I am sending a email to the sponsors to tell them and
          > ask that they post the scouting freqs on their website. Don't know if it will
          > help , but it might.
          > 73's
          > KB0GVI
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