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RE: [scoutradio] Ham Radio for Scouts and Dads (+ others)

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  • n7tek@amsat.org
    Greetings! This is the second time in the last few weeks that I ve heard of a group here in the U.S. combining the Radio merit badge and an Amateur Radio
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2001

      This is the second time in the last few weeks that I've heard of a group
      here in the U.S. combining the Radio merit badge and an Amateur Radio
      Technician class for fathers & sons (and anyone else interested). This
      appeals to me for several reasons:

      1. The young man earns his Radio merit badge (he's one merit badge closer
      to Eagle).
      2. The father & son can earn their Amateur Radio Technician class license.
      3. The father & son spend time doing something worthwhile together.
      4. The father & son develop a common interest that enhances communication
      between them which probably will help them build a stronger bond or
      5. Fathers & sons that do this will probably participate in the annual
      "Jamboree On The Air", "On Target", and other Scouting events and may serve
      to generate interest in others.
      6. These fathers & sons may participate in many Amateur Radio organizations
      like Amateur Radio clubs, ARES/RACES, ERRS, MARA, SKYWARN, etc. and help
      bolster support in disasters or emergencies, parades, or other community
      events as HAM operators.

      See the following link for a JOTA success story that contains many of the
      things that I have mentioned:


      Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you! I would encourage Amateur
      Radio organizations (and individual operators) to consider holding a Ham
      Radio class for Scouts and Dads (or perhaps for Daddies & Daughters OR Moms
      & Daughters).

      73 de N7TEK - John
      P.S. Be sure to scroll down and read the email from N1RY - Ray!
      John Blackham, N7TEK
      384 N. 75 E., North Salt Lake, UT 84054-2320
      PHONE: (H)801-295-3036 (W)801-588-1216
      EMAIL: n7tek@...

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      1. Ham Radio for Scouts and Dads
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      Subject: Ham Radio for Scouts and Dads

      After a successful experiment last fall with a
      Ham Radio Course for Scouts and Dads, we
      have another one planned starting March 6
      thru April 9, six consecutive Monday nights.
      6:30pm to 8:15pm. Scouts, Dads, and
      "anyone else" who wants to take the course
      to prepare for their Technician Class exam.

      The course will be held at Camp Hinds BSA,
      and is co-sponsored by the American Red
      Cross who has a number of volunteers to be
      trained. Scouts also can earn their Radio
      Merit badge in the process. We will be
      setting up an HF station on Saturday 3/17
      for some hands on at the Camp.

      Last fall's course netted 4 new hams:
      KB1FYO, FYP, FYQ, and FYR... and another
      bunch who have not passed yet... However
      the seed is planted, and its just a matter of time.
      We'll keep you informed how this spring's class
      turns out.

      73 de N1RY - Ray
      Scout Club call: WJ0TA

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