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APRS and Scouting?

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  • Bob Bruninga
    APRS for Scouts. Today I visited the open house of Broad Creek which is a vast resource of hundreds of acres supporting 5 separate camps for Cubs through
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 1999
      APRS for Scouts.

      Today I visited the open house of Broad Creek
      which is a vast resource of hundreds of acres supporting 5 separate
      camps for Cubs through Explorers. My kids and I had our FRS radios
      on channel 1 and we stumbled into another family with bright yellow
      radios around their necks. (They were on channel 10 with PL 10 and
      so we would have never found each other). Anyway, several newbee
      thoughts came to mind. (When I was a kid, we all got the $9 Knight
      Kit supperregen HT kits, and my troop was radioactive!) Maybe FRS
      is the door opener into ham radio for today's youth.

      1) Does scouting have a plan for FRS radios? Is there a scouting
      calling channel? (Never mind, it should be Channel 1, since so
      many of the early radios were all single channel and all on #1.)
      2) I cant wait to make an APRS map of these hundreds of acres and
      all the trials and camps and sites...
      *) I am *not* talking about APRS on FRS. THese are separate thoughts.
      so no flames please.
      3) I know about the yearly Jamboree on the air, but I would like to
      find a more local and more frequent interraction with other HAMS
      involved in local scouting.
      4) Is there an EMAIL SIG for ham scouters? (I know about the scout one)
      5) Can we organize a once a month "nite on the air" via local
      repeaters or APRS?
      6) With APRS, we could use the ALT-NET of "SCOUTS" and that way,
      easliy communicate with other scout groups on APRS...
      7) Should we have a "Scouting Symbol"? It should be generic, I guess
      because there are so many "scout" organizations. My DOS Icon would
      probably look close enough like both the girl and boyscout one that
      it could pass for both...
      8) Heck, with Igates and APRServe, I guess there is no need for this
      to be local. In fact, it might assure that at least somewhere
      sometime, a den or troop could always find another group to
      communicate with.
      9) Talking on the 2m radio coming home, I stumbled on a new ham who
      coincidentally was a brand new Tech who had also been at the
      reservation (in another camp on the other side of the lake) who
      was excited to hear me, because he had taken his HT and was never
      able to raise ANYONE on ANY freq or repeater all weekend. He also
      had been hiking with his GPS, but as a HAM, he had never heard of

      So, if any scouters out there wanna fill in this newbee dad on what
      HAM radio is doing on a routine basis (other than Jamboree on the air)
      with scouting, lemme know. GPS's, orineteering, DFing fox hunts, APRS?

      AND FInally, I am giving two Dens a tour of my shack on Tuesday nite
      about 7 PM EDT, so if there is anyone else into scouting, who wants to try
      an APRS QSO, send a message to W3ADO in Annapolis on the air on
      144.39 anywhere.

      de WB4APR, Bob

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